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Steelers pre-draft visits: OLB Anthony Barr UCLA expected in town in the coming weeks

It has been reported by Ross Jones of Fox Sports that the expected visit of Outside Linebacker Anthony Barr should finally be taking place in the next few weeks.

As Anthony Barr began his round of team visits at the end of March he mentioned he had a meeting scheduled with the Steelers.

According to Ross Jones of Fox Sports that date is drawing near as Barr is set to meet with the Steelers and three other teams over the coming weeks.

Barr is an intriguing prospect out of UCLA, expected to go in the first round. He is an athletic player with good speed and a great explosive burst to the ball carrier. He began his career at UCLA as a Running Back before being switched to the defensive side of the ball and as such has only two years of experience as an OLB.

While he may be inexperienced compared to other possible draftees, Barr has shown a natural affinity for the position and looks to have great potential at the next level, especially if he can strengthen his game against the run.

As the draft process began many pundits had him predicted to go in the top ten to a team like Atlanta but as time has gone on he seems to have slipped down the rankings a little to suggest he may be available to the Steelers at 1.15.

If he was available he might be too tempting to pass up and it would be no surprise if Linebackers Coach Keith Butler was calling loudly for him come draft day.