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Eric Ebron thinks he'll be drafted by the Detroit Lions

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It wouldn't be a shock to see Ebron go at 10, and it would help increase the talent pool of players available at 15 for the Steelers.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports
It's a bold statement. North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron is predicting which team will select him in the 2014 NFL Draft.

MMQB editor Peter King quoted a source within a team that met recently with Ebron:

Detroit taking a tight end? I doubt it, but North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, the clear top player at the position in this year’s draft, was asked by one team he visited recently who he thought would pick him. “Detroit,’’ he said.

Ebron has been linked to Buffalo at nine more frequently than Detroit at 10, but many feel his athletic ability and line of growth as a player (he played as a redshirt sophomore in 2013) suggests he could grow into an outstanding all-around tight end.

Others aren't so optimistic on the height of his ability at a position that can be utilized or seen as a tertiary option, depending on how the offense would be run.

Ebron is an excellent athlete, but he's much more a potential talent than an actual one right now. It would help the Steelers land a player that fits more of what they need in the immediate future if someone ahead of them were to select a tight end, given it's not a need of theirs.

So we're hoping this is legitimate. Even if it probably isn't.