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Steelers Bad Board: The players you don't want the Steelers to select in the 2014 NFL Draft

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Most fans have a favorite draft prospect or two they would like to see the Steelers take in the upcoming draft but many of us have another name or two that we would dread seeing our beloved team select in any round.

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This is not about who is best suited to be a Steeler but rather those you never want to see donning the Black and Gold. The sort of player you hope the Cleveland Browns would reach for at pick number four or the Baltimore Ravens should waste their selection on in some round.

Maybe it is a player you have seen mocked to the Steelers in a certain round that you believe will be a disaster in Pittsburgh. Perhaps you follow his college team and think he is overrated.

Whatever the reason if there is a prospect you absolutely, categorically, positively, do not want to see in Pittsburgh then we want to hear about it.

To get you started here are my two names that I hope don't get the call from the Steelers on draft day.

  1. Eric Ebron, TE North Carolina - Some say he could be the tall receiver the Steelers need, I see someone that drops too many passes. Some say he could be the replacement for Heath in the future, I see a man who doesnt seem to understand what a block is. Some say he could be the Steelers choice at 1.15, I see a bust in waiting.
  2. Louchiez Purifoy, CB Florida - I could extend this to all DBs from Florida in my mind but Purifoy is clearly the most troubling of the lot. A poor season, a bad combine, a worse pro day and then an arrest for marijuana and bath salts in the last month. There are few players I would have the Steelers stay away from more. This kid has imminent suspension and team distraction written all over him.

Please sound off in the comments section below and clear your soul by venting to the world. Your reasoning doesn't have to be solid or convincing. This is your opinion and your bad board selection, unburden yourself of the name and fingers crossed you don't see him in the Black and Gold come fall.