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Ike Taylor impressed with Johnny Manziel, would take him with the first pick

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The loquacious veteran cornerback likened Manziel to a "rock star," and may have thrown a jab at him suggesting he'd take him with the top pick, but throwing out how much he'll hate to lose. The Steelers play the top pick-owning Houston Texans on Monday Night Football in Week 7.

Ronald Martinez

Steelers veteran cornerback Ike Taylor was a part of ESPN's Gruden Camp with draft prospect Johnny Manziel recently, and walked away impressed - or at least impressed enough to both say he should be selected first overall, and enough to throw in some not-so-subtle trash talk.

TMZ, the notorious gossip publication, follows Manziel around like a cheetah stalks a wounded gazelle. They spoke with Taylor after the workout, where Taylor said, "I like Johnny. He’s like a rock star. Say what you want, the kid is good. You have to have confidence to play quarterback, and he definitely doesn’t lack that.

"I know one thing for sure, he’s gonna perform and he’s gonna hate to lose," Taylor said.

The Houston Texans own the top pick in the draft, and they travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in Week 7 this season. It's a primetime game (on Monday Night Football, which is likely why they had Taylor on hand for the recording), and that's where the "rock stars" come out to shine.