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Prospective Steelers draft pick Stephon Tuitt and others under going medical examinations

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Medical evaluations are underway today in Indianapolis for players that reported to the Combine with injuries ahead of the NFL draft in May with possible Steelers prospect Stephon Tuitt among the names.

According to, today is the day draft prospects who arrived at the NFL Combine in January with an injury have been invited back to allow medical staff to evaluate their recovery.

There are a number of highly ranked players being looked, including one or two names that have been associated with the Steelers during the draft process and even some that have had a visit to meet the team in Pittsburgh.

Although according to his twitter account one of those names, defensive end Stephon Tuitt from Notre Dame, says he is good to go:

Players returning for medical checks are apparently only having pre-existing injuries looked at according to National Scouting President Jeff Foster:

"During the Combine, we ID players who either had an existing injury or had some injury or surgery after the season. Its either something we knew about or something that came out when our physicians examined them during the Combine medical exam. We tell our athletes, you'll be requested to come back. The idea behind it is, take 5-6 weeks to rehab or if you need, get surgery, then come back and we'll take a look."

Other players of note being examined today are tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins from Washington State, quarterback Zach Mettenberger from LSU, wide receiver Cody Latimer from Indiana and Auburn running back Tre Mason.