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Connections between Bradley Roby and Mike Adams distinct

Both ran into some negative attention their final years in school, both for reasons that aren't or do not appear to be criminal. Is Roby like Adams, a possessor of an upside ability that makes the Steelers roll the dice on him in the second round?

Andy Lyons

The Steelers (in)famously changed their minds on Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams after he drove to Pittsburgh to speak with general manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Adams to explain his alleged failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine in 2012.

Buckeyes cornerback Bradley Roby isn't reported to have done the same thing, but he did a similar bout of explaining recently when he took to Twitter, claiming his lack of intoxication despite having been arrested for OVI April 20.

It's worthy of mentioning .008 is below the legal limit, and, says, Roby, he wasn't driving the car (not that it matters, if he's in control of the vehicle with keys, he'd be considered as having the potential to drive it).

He doesn't even register on the...wait for it...B.R.A.D. chart (Be Responsible About Drinking). But there are myriad factors that play into this, including a bar brawl that got him suspended for a game to start Ohio State's season.

Adams also had something of a superficial (depending on your viewpoint) mark against him before entering the draft. He violated his eligibility by accepting free gifts while attending OSU, which is less a crime than being not legally drunk in a car, but still enough to make teams wonder if he's worth the investment.

Roby, like Adams, showed a high level of potential at times in his career. He also showed enough that, regardless of off-the-field issues, appeared more of a second round pick anyway.

Should the Steelers avoid selecting a cornerback in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and Roby somehow falls to 46, you'd have to expect he'd be on their list of consideration. While tagged as an inconsistent player throughout his ever-important final year in college, he showed enough skill to think he can be worked into an effective player.

Ultimately, we believe the Steelers will select a cornerback in the first round, and that cornerback won't be Bradley Roby. But should they go a different route in round 1 and Roby's there for the taking, it'll be hard for them to resist.