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ESPN reports San Francisco 49ers looking to trade up in 2014 NFL Draft

Chris Mortensen says the 49ers have the scratch and motive to move up in the 2014 NFL Draft. They may be looking higher than the 15th pick, but it's a good fallback option for them.

Ronald Martinez

We floated the idea a few weeks ago the San Francisco 49ers are locked and loaded in this draft, and with a strong compliment of starters, they're in the unique position where spending a few picks for one player would be a good idea.

ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen backed up that theory with some actual reporting (or fact-based speculative reporting) the 49ers are looking to make a move from the 30th spot, possibly to target Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans.

Our suggestion was to look for a replacement for Aldon Smith, but the need for a big-time receiving threat makes sense in the Bay as well. Mortensen also mentions Oakland is game to trade down from the fifth pick.

We'd like to point out the value in the 15th pick, particularly due to the ability of Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandin Cooks - both of whom are likely to be available at 15.

Anquan Boldin can't be seen as a long-term option, and another receiver in San Francisco would help their leverage with pending free agent Michael Crabtree.

The Steelers could add a few more picks and still be able to get the kind of cornerback - or even defensive lineman - they need for the future.

If the Steelers had a need to trade down in the draft - something they haven't done since 2001 - in any season, this is it. They have two picks in the first 46, but then do not have another until 97 - the first pick following the third round. It's a solid draft for cornerback and wide receiver, two positions the Steelers need, and could benefit with the lack of dropoff from the first round prospects and the second-third round prospects at either position.

Of course, all of that is moot if the 49ers want to go for gold, so to speak, and deal up from 29 to get a player like Evans or Clemson's Sammy Watkins. Perhaps they could give up a little less to get a strong player at 15.