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2014 NFL Draft: Jets could find themselves looking to get ahead of Steelers like they did in 2007

Darqueze Dennard's name is beginning to circulate through the smoke of the pre-draft season, and Dennard fits the Jets' scheme well. Perhaps moving up to 14 would be wise for them; they've done it to draft a cornerback in that same spot before, leapfrogging Pittsburgh in the process.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets moved a spot ahead of the Steelers in 2007 to draft Darrelle Revis. Would they do it again for Darqueze Dennard?

ESPN's Rich Cirimi likes Dennard's skill set on the Jets, a team that could use a more reliable man coverage cornerback. In the times of speculation, it's hard not to cast a wandering eye around the rest of the league and consider their motives. The Jets are a solid defensive team that could use some help in its secondary, but not enough to mortgage their future or put more strain on a rebuilding offense.

Still, Dennard fits the Jets' system, and while they can still get a good cornerback with the 18th pick, if Dennard is the player they want, they have to be thinking getting to No. 14 - the Chicago Bears - would be the last spot at which Dennard won't face a serious risk of being taken.

We've pointed to the Jets' throwing out their own ruse, pointing at Jace Amaro as their target, but it's possible they may want a player like North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron as well. He could fall down into that range, facilitating a trade scenario.

These kinds of situations can spring up, and the best course of action for the Steelers is to keep an open mind; there is a nice crop of players who they should be interested in and realistically could take in the first round. Due to the existence of four quarterbacks who could draw first round grades, with none of them being set in stone right now, they should be nimble and active to seek out trades and look to move back a few spots.