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Poll shows 71 percent of voters feel defense should be priority with 15th pick

A Pro Football Talk poll run on its site Monday showed voters sided overwhelmingly with the idea of addressing Pittsburgh's defense with the 15th overall pick.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

To Steelers fans who frequent Pro Football Talk, what to do with the 15th pick isn't a question.

It's the foundation of the franchise.

In an unofficial poll posted on an article regarding the Steelers' draft needs by PFT writer Mike Wilkening, over 3,000 votes were cast in a poll asking which side of the ball the Steelers should address with the 15th overall pick, the offense or the defense. Nearly 71 percent of those voters chose defense over offense.

A much less official (and less frequented) BTSC poll conducted yesterday asking which of five players the Steelers should draft with the 15th pick yielded a 56 percent result for Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert. He topped Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller (16 percent), Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley (10 percent), LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham (nine percent) and Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan (eight percent) in the poll that had 1,602 votes.

If the Steelers draft a defensive player, it will be the first time since 2005-06 they've made consecutive first round picks on one side of the ball. They took Virginia tight end Heath Miller in 2005, and followed it up by trading up with the New York Giants to land Ohio State WR Santonio Holmes.

BTSC is planning to conduct a few more polls, so look for those over the coming days.