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Mock Draft Mania: Reactions to release of Kiper's and McShay's latest predictions

These both came up quickly, and we're weighing the reactions of our writers and readers behind the mock selections of Notre Dame OL Zach Martin and Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller.

Jared Wickerham

Weigh in below in the comments, we're gathering immediate thoughts from BTSC writers.

Neal Coolong: If you put a gun to my head and said pick a cornerback who will be on this team and successful for the next 10 years, I'd probably pick Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller. I like the overall body of work he's put together; he's strong, physical, smart, athletic and dynamic. He looks like a savvy player both as a cornerback and on special teams.

Without dipping too much into hyperbole, this is the kind of player you win with. It's not a question of Pro Bowls with Steelers cornerbacks, it's about solid downfield coverage, intelligence and the combination of an ability to tackle as well as a willingness to tackle.

I see that in Fuller, and I'd probably take him over Darqueze Dennard and Justin Gilbert, if I'm going cornerback.

Todd McShay made a great choice here, and I'd be pressed to not have done the same, given the options available (Dennard was not one of them, but I'm on the fence between the two of them).

As for Zach Martin...Kiper is making a good call by pointing out his versatility. The Steelers would love the chance to keep eight lineman on the roster, dressing seven with three who can play multiple positions. That move, to me, reflects a team that's drafting 15th in a 14-player draft. It's a worrisome thought, though, because how it goes down in Kiper's draft could be how it plays out May 8. Fuller was still on Kiper's board when the Steelers went on the clock, and that's who I would have taken, but Martin is someone to keep an eye on the closer we get to the start of the draft.

Big_Jay71: I'm starting to like Fuller more than Gilbert and Dennard, at least from a scheme fit standpoint. However I still want the Steelers to go BPA instead of chasing need. If the top players are gone I hope they trade back.

Paper Champions: Offensive line is unique in that it has an impact on every other position on the field.

A very good offensive line keeps you out of 3rd and long. It allows you to move the chains. Thus, it cuts down on the possessions of the other team. A great offensive line plays well on the road regardless of weather. An offensive line that can protect consistently makes every receiver on the team better. I’ve been saying for some time now, getting better in the red zone means you can run the ball.

Want a better pash rush? Get a lead. Force teams to throw the ball instead of being patient and running when it is 2nd and 10. Want to cause more tunovers? Force the other QB to take chances because they know that you can score at any time. Not saying Martin, Lewan or anyone else is that guy, but I am saying that the pick of an offensive linemen does not mean the Steelers are ignoring other needs. Instead, it means they are addressing multiple needs. With the exception of a QB, nothing improves your team more than an upgrade of the O line.