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Steelers pre-draft visits: Louisville S Calvin Pryor

The Louisville safety checks things out with the Steelers, a team not likely to take a safety around where the Steelers are drafting in the first two rounds.

Joel Auerbach

The Steelers are having hard-hitting safety Calvin Pryor out of Louisville in for a spot of tea and a chat in preparation for the 2014 NFL Draft.

2014 NFL Draft Prospects

We broke down Pryor in March, generally liking what we saw, and could see the value he'd bring with him to whichever team selects him. We just aren't sold on the idea he's either the best safety in this draft, or worth the 15th overall pick.

Teams cast their net wide this time of year in seeking out every possible angle, from trade-ups to trade-downs to smokescreens, they'll bring players in to get to know them a bit.

The signing of Mike Mitchell as well as the selection of Shamarko Thomas last year doesn't suggest the safety position is a high priority for the Steelers in this draft, but versatile defensive backs are becoming all the rage in the NFL. Perhaps Pryor fits tat bill and can be seen as a trade-down target, should that opportunity present itself.