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2014 NFL Draft: Steelers will take Mike Evans at 15 if he's there

The reporter who kickstarted the "tall receiver" campaign among Steeler Nation adds another tidbit Wednesday concerning the top big receiver in the 2014 NFL Draft. The only issue is the odds of him being available are microscopic.

The Minister of Tall Receiver Speculation, Post-Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac, is banging his gavel hard again.

Dulac wrote, in a chat on the P-G web site Wednesday, the Steelers are enamored with Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans, and they would select him with the 15th overall pick, should the 6-foot-5 receiver fall to that spot.

Dulac was asked a question about LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham, and he responded:

I like Beckham as a receiver and think he would be a good fit for the Steelers. But, after talking w Lance Moore yesterday, I was reminded just how small the Steelers' corps of receivers really is. If they are going to draft a wide receiver on the first round, they are going to draft a receiver who is unlike what they have -- a tall one. Beckham is right around 6-feet, but that's not what they are seeking. Believe me, if Mike Evans is available, they will draft him. But they do not expect him to be there at 15.

It's easy to believer him, maybe even kind of exciting. The key phrase, unfortunately, is, "if Mike Evans is available," combined with "but they do not expect him to be there at 15."

That's because he won't be. Evans falling to 15 would be DeCastro in 2012 times 10. Perhaps some rumors could be planted in an effort to sway teams into thinking he's not worth a pick, say 6-14.

Dulac makes a good point, though. If they do draft a receiver in the first round, it'd be one that's a bit unique from their current group. That brings up the question whether any of the prospects north of 6-foot-1 are worth the 15th pick.

That's a bit tougher of a prediction than saying the Steelers would take a top five talent with the 15th overall pick.