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Steelers Day 3 War Room

The place to be to discuss all the Steelers' draft picks from rounds 4-7 of the 2014 NFL Draft.


The Steelers have yet to address the cornerback and wide receiver positions.

Just think back to all those mock drafts filed with corners and receivers going first and second for Pittsburgh. Such a shame.

The fourth through seventh rounds should be full of these players, and the Steelers should be stocking up on them, along with a lot of Best Player Available selections. Probably even a few "who?" picks. It'll be exciting, that's for sure.

We'll break down each pick and post video and commentary as we get them finished. PC's still cranking out film, Scott's re-evaluating the board (and should take a bow for how well the board has stood up over the first three rounds of the draft), Jack's recovering from a hangover to give his insight in his favorite weekend of the year and I'm glued to the screen, and who knows? We may even see Tony, PaVa and Ivan at various points.

Sit tight, listen to The Standard is The Standard and weigh in with your opinion.