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Steelers draft results: Pittsburgh selects Tennessee NT Daniel McCullers

Mammoth nose tackle Daniel McCullers heads to Pittsburgh as the antithesis of the Steelers' speed draft of 2014.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even if Tennessee nose tackle Daniel McCullers isn't panning out during training camp for the Steelers, the team that selected him in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, he could have some value as a sun shade.

McCullers is legitimately one of the largest human beings alive, standing 6-foot-7, 352 pounds, a selection that could make him the largest player the Steelers have ever drafted.

ESPN draft analyst and former NFL general manager Bill Polian said, "He's not a two-gap nose tackle, he's a three-gap nose tackle."

And he may not be just size, either. While the rap against him is a lack of lateral flexibility, he could find himself the beneficiary of improved speed on both sides of the defensive line and the linebackers group, giving him the relatively simple task of getting in the way of guys who are supposed to stop the fast guys.

Translation: If there's an issue with first round pick Ryan Shazier not getting off blocks from fullbacks or guards, McCullers can ensure they don't get to Shazier before Shazier reaches the line of scrimmage.

McCullers' size is clearly his advantage, and he stands, literally, in stark contrast to the speed the team has drafted throughout the three-day draft. He stands approximately one foot over third-round pick Dri Archer and outweighs him by roughly 180 pounds.

He has 37 inch arms, which is close to FAA regulations for wingspan on small outbound aircraft. This could end up being an excellent value pick. He's sloppy right now, but he was in JUCO for a bit, and hasn't gone through the John Mitchell Camp of Defensive Line Dominance. Get him in there for a year (he probably ends up on the practice squad), he could end up being a consistent player for this team.