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Steelers draft results: Pittsburgh selects Massachusetts TE Rob Blanchflower

Pittsburgh rounds out their 2014 draft class with a tight end from UMass.


I'm sure it's not the case, but without a photo that features the Steelers' seventh-round draft pick (the one above is shot to feature then UConn linebacker Sio Moore), Massachusetts tight end Rob Blanchflower, his name appears to be the most newsworthy item.

By all accounts, though, the decent sized (6-foot-4, 255 pounds) run-blocking specialist may have a chance to compete for a David Johnson-like role in the future, considering the Steelers brought Blanchflower in for a visit - something they tend to do with their late picks (both Vince Williams and Kelvin Beachum ended up starting after having visited the Steelers and were late picks, and this year's sixth-round pick, Jordan Zumwalt, visited as well).

Whether he ever plays a down and catches a pass obviously remains to be seen, but those skilled blockers are valuable to a team that's looking to implement a full-on zone-running scheme.

Blanchflower is said to be a decent enough athlete, so figure something of a move-blocking role for him in his best-case situation.