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Steelers 2014 Draft: The best pick, the worst pick and the most surprising pick

The Steelers focused specifically on adding speed and versatility in this draft. They succeeded overall, but that doesn't mean it was perfect.

Jonathan Ferrey

It's the conclusion of the 2014 NFL Draft, at long last. The Steelers added nine players through picks, and as of Sunday morning, they added 10 others via undrafted free agency.

This is when I make broad predictions that I end up making fun of myself for later.

I love this time of the year.

Best pick

Looking at straight value, picking up the multi-faceted defensive lineman in the second round - filling both a need and fitting the pretense of Best Player Available, the Steelers scored big with Notre Dame defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt. Size, strength and speed, he could be a significant contributor from Day 1.

Worst pick

It's possible the bitterness from the Chris Rainey Experiment is still lingering. Yes, I realize third round running back Dri Archer has "playing tennis against himself" kind of speed, but I don't see all that advanced of a route-runner to think he can just handle slot receiving duties - a spot that would at least give off some indication that he may get the ball in an area other than three yards from the line of scrimmage. That's really what his success or failure will hinge on; if he can run strong enough routes to get himself in a position to do something with the ball after the catch.

Most surprising

It's not so much of a surprise the Steelers selected Arizona cornerback Shaq Richardson in the fifth round of the draft, it's how long the team waited to take one. I can't tell if that's an issue or not, but I would have bet money they'd take a cornerback within their first three picks, and taking one in the third round would have indicated something happened (i.e. they got monster value in the first two picks).