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Mike Golic Jr. signs 2-year contract with the New Orleans Saints

One of the Steelers more highly touted UDFAs from 2013 lands a deal with the Saints a year after the Steelers signed him.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The day after the draft in 2013, fans were excited about Mike Golic Jr. as a prospect. He ended up not making the team but according to NFL reporter Adam Caplan, he'll continue within the league with the New Orleans Saints.

It seems odd teams would have waited to sign him, and it suggests injuries were an issue for him last year. The Steelers did not sign him to their practice squad upon his release, but getting a two-year deal from the Saints right after the draft suggests a "wait-and-see" mentality was put on him, giving the team a chance to see how the draft and UDFA would play out.

Golic had a lot of young competition, and the Steelers are a tough place for any young lineman to earn a roster spot. With five entrenched starters, none over the age of 26, and back-ups with starting experience behind them, Golic was up against stiff competition.