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Vast majority of readers give Steelers draft a "B" grade or better

The lack of high pick being used on a cornerback is the chief concern among BTSC readers, but over 90 percent voted it within the top two options.

Kirk Irwin

Over 90 percent of Behind The Steel Curtain readers who voted in our poll asking fans to give a letter grade for the Steelers' 2014 draft voted it either an "A" or a "B" Saturday and Sunday.

While it's easily argued most would consider those two options and only those two options as soon as a draft ends, and most teams would have similar results, the strength of conviction from fans on this one is compelling. The only real complaint is how the Steelers did not use an early pick on a cornerback, which should only serve to lessen the value of the players they took in the first three rounds - linebacker Ryan Shazier, defensive end Stephon Tuitt and running back Dri Archer.

The criticism comes most heavily, based on the comments left in the article, on Archer, the ultra-fast but somewhat role-undefined offensive player from Kent State. Some of that isn't based on Archer, but the lack of a cornerback having been selected at that spot.

The team did address the cornerback position, but not until the first of two fifth-round picks. Shaquille Richardson of Arizona became the team's only drafted cornerback (while picking up another, Buffalo's Najja Johnson, in undrafted free agency).

Outside of that, readers generally seem excited about the draft, and for good reason. The team got a lot longer and a lot more athletic than they have in the past, and there is enough talent within this group to think we'll be seeing at least a few of them on the field this year.