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Wesley Johnson's grandfather excited to see him drafted by his favorite team

Wesley Johnson was born into Steeler Nation.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Al Vadnais may have been more excited to see the Steelers select Vanderbilt offensive tackle Wesley Johnson in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Johnson is his grandson, and the Steelers are Al's favorite team. Johnson's mother, Arlene, and that side of Johnson's family is full of Steelers fans, writes reporter Teresa Varley.

Vadnais had season tickets while living in Pittsburgh, and judging by Johnson's quotes, Vadnais and Arlene may have been even more excited about it than Wesley was.

"He was really excited after the draft when I talked to him," Johnson told Varley. "I don’t think there could have been a better situation for him. He was so happy. He has always been a huge Steelers fan. He talked about how good the Steelers have been to our family. He was really excited about all of it."

At the risk of getting schmaltzy, page around the 31 other teams in the league for the reaction stories from every draft pick. Find one in which a player says his grandfather was excited about him getting selected by a team because that team was good to their family.

Last year, we read about Le'Veon Bell having been raised in a partially Steelers dominated household as well. It's the easy route for a draft pick to make good with fans, talking about how they all rooted for the same team. It sure does work, though.

As for Johnson, his highest and best use is going to be in a zone blocking scheme, and with three offensive tackles currently unsigned past 2015 (Marcus Gilbert is in the last year of his rookie deal and Kelvin Beachum and Mike Adams are up after the 2015 season), Johnson has some time to make a competitive push to be a part of this team's roster in the years to come.