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Weighing the value of a receiver vs. a cornerback in today's NFL

A "longtime NFL personnel man" told Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal writer Bob McGinn the value of a big-time receiver is higher than that of a top-level cornerback based on how the game is played today.

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The Steelers face a comparative question heading into the first few rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. A positional question, even.

All things being equal, what's worth more? A cornerback or a wide receiver? Maybe that's a loaded question that lends itself better to steering the issue toward depth as opposed to talent. All things can't be equal when it comes to player evaluation.

The Steelers will likely make the decision when they're on the clock, but the odds-on favorite for the team's first round pick is going to play cornerback or wide receiver. Veteran reporter Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal asked a "longtime NFL personnel man" which one would make more of an impact.

"I was asked if I'd take a corner now or a wide receiver. All these years I'd be taking a corner. Now, if it's a big-time shutdown corner or a big-time wide receiver that will (earn) the respect of the defense, the way the game's played now, I'm taking the receiver."

It's an interesting observation, maybe even a little obvious. Cornerbacks are at distinct procedural disadvantages in comparison to receivers, and while both positions have shifted into a position where it's fair to say there is a need for three starting-level players at both positions, the key factor is in the quarterback.

The Steelers are relatively thin in terms of depth at both positions. The question that quote is speaking to is whether it's more important to balance both positions or to get better at one or the other, regardless of depth or balance.

The Steelers may feel confident enough in both positions and feel there's simply a better player available at a different position, but it'd be against common opinion. With the draft less than a week away, this could be one of the least predictable Steelers picks in years.