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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert commits to 19 targets for 15th overall pick

The Steelers held their pre-draft press conference Monday afternoon, revealing very little specific direction but confirming there are nearly two dozen players they would take with the 15th pick.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The follow-up question becomes more of "who are the likely first round picks you would not take, Mr. Colbert?"

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert spoke to the media Monday as the 2014 NFL Draft approaches, keeping cards very close to his vest but meeting a blanket requirement of being transparent with fans.

He said the team has a list of 19 players it would take with the 15th pick of the draft, and left any decisions the team would make in regards of a trade open-ended until they knew who would be available at 15.

One interpretation of that would be the team isn't interested in trading up, which isn't exactly headline news. On the other, it does confirm the fluidity of the selection process itself, and gives some insight behind what is a painstaking decision.

As far as the 19 players go, that would encapsulate more than half of the entire first round, so if nothing else, it seems a pretty strong bet the Steelers will take a player they deem worthy of the first round. So that's nice. Otherwise, the Steelers' direction with this pick continues to remain one of the most hotly debated the franchise has had during the Colbert Era in Pittsburgh.