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2014 NFL Draft: Odell Beckham and Mike Evans doing speculative battle

It's amazing how much better players get - and conversely, worse - players get the night before the draft. In LSU WR Odell Beckham's case, it's more like his value is coming closer to reality. Just not THAT close.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Get yo' popcorn ready, wide receiver fans. The smoke is thick, the speculation is tantalizing and, with 24 hours left before the start of the 2014 NFL Draft, news has been reduced to Defcon 1. Full, all-out assault.

The Steelers don't typically jump into these kinds of pools, but prospects they've been linked to previously make for interesting conversation, if nothing else.

LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham has improved dramatically in the last 24 hours, having never sniffed the top 10 in most projections but now doing battle with firmly entrenched top 10 guy Mike Evans.

What this really means is the Steelers won't get either of them, and probably never were going to, which is too bad because Beckham's skill set is closer to the 10th pick than he is the 20th pick. It wasn't ever really feasible Beckham would fall, but it does clear up the Steelers' options list a bit more.

And we have something fun to talk about for the time being.