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Virginia Tech S Antone Exum interview with BTSC

Exum says he wants to play again with Hokie teammate Kyle Fuller and he wants to hug his mom after being drafted. He answered more of BTSC's Derrick Bell's questions right before the 2014 NFL Draft.

Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

What was the biggest factor in your decision to attend Virginia Tech? And who was the most influential person in your recruitment?

The biggest factor was "the feeling", and I always had that feeling with Virginia Tech. It was the best fit. There wasn't one person, it was the whole Virginia Tech family. "

Where were you when the tragedy at Virginia Tech took place? What was your reaction and how did the event affect the school as a whole?

I wasn't there yet. I was in high school at the time, but it only made the campus stronger and more of a unit for years to come.

You managed to play safety and cornerback at times for Virginia Tech, explain what makes you so versatile on the field, and which position you prefer?

I can cover, I'm big, I'm fast, have ball skills, can tackle, have a great football IQ and make big time plays. Those skills sets are a good fit for the safety position and the corner position. And there is no corner in the draft with the amount of safety experience I have and no safety with the amount corner experience. I played both positions very well against high level competition. The value is unmatched in my opinion, for a player who just wants to help an organization win.

You seem, by all accounts, a very intelligent person, you are on the path to attaining your second degree. In what ways does your mind benefit you on the field, And off the field?

On the field my football IQ is a big reason why I'm able to make a lot of plays. Playing anticipative football, and knowing offenses. Off the field, in every day being intelligent and being able to think through real life situations always puts you in the driver seat.

After having the opportunity to play opposite someone as talented as Kyle Fuller, what was the mindset you guys went into each week with? Do you feel like being on the field at the same time, motivated each other to become better players?

Yes we were a great tandem and pushed each other every single day. I hope our days on the field together aren't over.

Who was the toughest player that you had to cover in your time as a Hokie? And why?

Sammy Watkins was the best. I had success against him, but I could still tell that he was a very polished wide receiver.

After your sophomore season, the college football world knew a lot about Antone Exum, then you suffered a torn ACL, and a torn meniscus in the same knee. I'm sure that had to be frustrating, explain what the road to recover was like, what motivated you to return stronger then ever?

My goals are way past coming back from this injury. That's what kept me motivated. This was literally just a speed bump in the road, but I want to be the greatest db to ever play the game. "

You have said that you feel like a first round talent, Are you frustrated with draft analysts having you as a day two pick? How are you dealing with all the talk leading up to the draft?

Yes I am. I feel like I'm a first round talent, and I hope teams can see it the same way. Whatever God's will is will be done and I humbly accept that.

Your desire is to be a day one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, tell us what you would bring to the table at the next level?

A lockdown corner with the ability to take high level wide receivers out of the game at any given time. A guy with the versatility to move back to safety, play nickel, and move out on the island as well as be an asset on special teams. You're getting a guy who wants to be great and win Super Bowls. A lot of them.

How many teams have been in contact with you, and is there a specific teams defensive scheme that you feel like suites you best?

No, I'm just blessed to be in the situation I'm in.

Was there any player that you looked up to growing up? If you had to compare your game to a current player, who would it be and why?

Michael Vick because of his play making ability in tough situations, and we wore the same number. I would say Darrelle Revis if I HAD to, because of the size similarities and technique.

What is the first thing you look forward to doing after being selected?

Hugging my mother.

Five years from now, what will NFL analysts be saying about you? What is your ultimate goal at the next level?

You'll see haha. My ultimate goal is to be known as the best to do it.