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The Steelers will pick Va. Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller, here's why

In what could end up being the most turbulent first round in recent memory, the activity storm will hit before and after the Steelers' pick at 15, and they'll simply take the player who's best suited for them now and in the immediate future.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Writers get twitchy when forced to make a black-and-white decision on something over which they have no control.

I'm in a panic over this one. Yet, I'm going out on a limb anyway, even if there are probably four players splitting the best chance of being selected at 15 pie.

We have mock drafts coming out predicting the Steelers will trade the 15th pick for a later selection, and that's often the case, if not the easiest answer. I'm predicting the Steelers will stay put (but not for a lack of effort) and with the 15th pick, they will select Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller.

And it will be good.

Fuller has the best all-around combination of skill and size, and his tape best reflects what the Steelers employ in terms of cornerbacks. While they typically draft this position in the middle rounds, or even the second round, Fuller simply gives them the best odds of landing a player who can contribute as a rookie, earn a starting spot in his second year, and, alongside the likely-to-be-extended Cortez Allen, can create the backbone of the revamped cornerback position for this franchise.

Sure, Darqueze Dennard has the accolades. A Thorpe Trophy winner, a key component to an excellent collegiate team. All great things, and they could be used against my current argument a year from now when it turns out Dennard had more success his rookie season.

In a draft that's so wide open in the first round, I'm predicting the storm of activity hits before and after the Steelers' pick, and they simply take the player who's best suited for them.

That's Fuller.

Of course, all of this can change, and if they go in another direction, it could also be for the right reasons. Dennard has good potential as well, as do players at other positions. We may see a freefall of what we perceive to be a high-level player. For now, Fuller's my prediction. And I'd be plenty happy with it.