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Report: Steelers showing interest in TE Eric Ebron

Longtime draft analyst Tony Pauline suggests keeping an eye on an alleged interest from the Steelers and North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.

This likely won't make many happy.

Wherever it is NFL draft analyst Tony Pauline is getting it from, it's out there. The Steelers are connected to something of interest in North Carolina tight end and possible top 15 pick Eric Ebron.

Speculation is flying everywhere right now, and every player is connected everywhere, so it isn't necessarily a surprise to see something on Ebron - a player who's been linked to Tampa Bay at seven and anyone after Pittsburgh at 15. Great upside, but isn't quite there yet. That begs the question, "when will he be?"

If the Steelers really are interested, it's a question they would have answered, but just judging by his film, he will grow into himself a bit more in a few years and if he can remain fast with the increased size, he could be an excellent player.