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Twitter reaction from Steelers fans over selection of Ryan Shazier with 15th pick

It's mostly positive due to the athleticism Shazier brings, but there are some who feel he was picked a bit too high.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

He ran a 4.37 at his Pro Day, actually, but hey, who's counting? Probably Steelers fans, when you consider the massive increase in team speed they just added.

Was inside linebacker a position of need in comparison to, say, the cornerback spot? Maybe not as much, but you don't get to add a player of that athleticism often.

Speed is speed. Athleticism is athleticism. It almost doesn't even matter, there's an entire dimension that wasn't considered in all of this; just simply adding guys who can fly to the ball.

Fans seems divided, though. Some are suggesting he went higher than he should have. The issue really comes down to their ability to trade down, or their desire to take a player who fits what they're really looking for. Regardless of position, they needed athletes. They found one of the best in this draft.

That brings up an interesting point. The last time the Steelers picked at 15, they took position-confused Lawrence Timmons. Will Shazier go inside or outside?

I'll be sure to remember this one for when Clawson and I argue in five years over whether the Steelers took Shazier to be an inside linebacker or an outside linebacker.