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Steelers second round targets: Wide receivers

The talent at the wide receiver position will likely mean the Steelers will either take, or pass on, a good one at 46.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The entire first round of the 2014 NFL Draft has passed and the wide receiver position is still loaded.

If the Steelers are looking to go in this direction with the 46th overall pick, Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews is a very attractive option. He's the "tall" receiver that's allegedly so coveted, and he has the athleticism to make plays down the field.

It's somewhat surprising USC's Marqise Lee is still available, and it likely won't be long until he's gone. As Mel Kiper said during the broadcast Thursday, if he went pro in 2013, he would have been a top 15 pick. And if he knew his senior year numbers would have fallen through the floor, he probably would have gone pro.

Put Indiana's Cody Latimer and Ole Miss's Donte Moncrief in a similar light. Lee, Latimer and Matthews are probably less likely to be available at 46, but he's still potentially a high-level playmaker in the NFL.

Fresno State's Davante Adams is intruging at this position as well. A high-level athlete with good hands and workable speed, he's definitely the kind of high upside player who will be able to convince teams to look past a few spots and specs for the sake of working with an excellent set of tools.

As we saw Thursday, position of need must contain with it a player within the argument for best player available in order to qualify for selection. That said, we may see the Steelers take a wide receiver simply because of the amount of talent there is left on the board.