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Steelers forever linked with Browns selection of Johnny Manziel

Cleveland used the pick the Steelers gave them last year as part of a package to move up and take ever-popular quarterback Johnny Manziel.


The Steelers dealt the 83rd pick in the 2014 draft last year with the Cleveland Browns for the opportunity to move up in the fourth round of the 2013 draft. With that pick, the 111th overall, they selected Syracuse safety Shamarko Thomas.

It has been debated over the last year whether that pick was worth it.

That debate is going to take on new meaning for a long time.

The Browns were heavy movers in the first round of the 2014 draft, having moved back from four to nine, then from nine to eight to select Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert.

Their biggest move was still coming, though. They packaged their second of two first-round picks, No. 26 overall, and the pick the Steelers used to have, 83rd overall, to move up with Philadelphia to take Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel - who looked like he might bleed into his chair outside the stage at Radio City Music Hall after waiting 21 picks before hearing his name.

The Steelers wouldn't have taken Manziel with the 26th or 83rd pick in the draft, and now the Thomas trade is finally complete. The Browns, though, have their quarterback (or at least an interesting competition between Manizel and incumbent Brian Hoyer, a former Steelers roster member).

This will come back in conversation as part of the ongoing feud between AFC North competitors. The question will be "who got the better end of the deal?"