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Steelers draft results: Pittsburgh selects Notre Dame DL Stephon Tuitt in second round

Steelers select Notre Dame DL Stephon Tuitt in the second round.

The Steelers needed some versatility along their defensive line, one of a few needs in this draft.

They're going to look at those other needs starting in the third.

The Steelers stayed on the defensive side of the ball, selecting Notre Dame's versatile defensive end Stephon Tuitt with the 46th overall pick. He joins Ryan Shazier, the team's first pick, as the newest defensive players on the team.

Cornerback? Why? Wide receiver? Maybe later. The Steelers want help along their defensive front, and frankly, they should get it. They didn't have it last season, and the future isn't exactly secure at the spot. With free agent signee Cam Thomas standing as the only thing between a second year player who was either undrafted or missed all of 2013, the team is perilously thin at the defensive end position.

Not only that, Tuitt can play inside as well, making the team in position to create a powerful and athletic combination of defensive ends.

It's hard to argue with the direction of the Steelers' draft so far.