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Steelers third round targets: Receivers are still there, and so is one cornerback in particular

With Louis Nix now taken, and it's a race to Phillip Gaines, in our opinion.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

We laughed when we saw Louis Nix III getting mocked to Pittsburgh at 15. Knew it wouldn't happen.

We probably would have said there is a better bet Nix would go in the first round rather than him going in the third. As we're writing this, the picks are cycling through the 80s, and Nix is still on the board.Now that we mentioned it, Nix was taken. Go figure.

The Steelers addressed their front seven twice so far in this draft, will they do it again? Very few, if any, realistically thought the Steelers would go two rounds without taking a cornerback.

No one would have thought they'd avoid one in the first 100 picks. All that while ignoring the wide receiver position? Get outta here.

If nothing else, we're hoping the more attention paid to Nix will draw people away from Phillip Gaines, who would seal off a pretty impressive first three picks for the Steelers. Keeping up with the outstanding drafts of Cleveland and Baltimore is tough round per round, but one more good pick would put them on the level of the best drafts of the first three rounds.