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Steelers third round draft pick Dri Archer ran 4.26 in 18 steps

If there's any way to connect the kick returner to Detroit's Calvin Johnson, it's in his ability to run faster with the same amount of steps as the 6-foot-5 All Pro wide receiver.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If nothing else, the newest Steelers kick returner (who might find a role on offense) Dri Archer has the same stride length while running as Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

We're digging deep to find the rationale in this one, and we get the feeling there will be many in the media who will feel the same way. The Oakland Raiders had a past of drafting speed above all else, but even Ketterlen Super Scouts owner Rodney Ketterlen jabbed at Archer in his mock draft.

What would Ketterlen say about his 40 time?

He's a professional runner, which is great, if that runner is able to get to top speed. The hope here is he's capable of earning a kick returner spot, and perhaps more than anything else, hope no running back gets hurt.