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2014 NFL Supplemental Draft: Steelers won't select any of the four candidates available

The Supplemental Draft means next-to-nothing for the Steelers, but in case it's relevant today, here's a list of the prospects eligible.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

We don't even need to know who they are to know the Steelers will not select any of the four candidates eligible for the 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft, held at 1 p.m. ET Thursday.

They never have. They won't this year.

Ex-North Carolina linebacker Darius Lipford is said to be the most likely pick of the four, despite having suffered a torn ACL in 2012.

From all accounts, he's an outstanding athlete, thus meeting what appeared to be the main characteristic of desire from the Steelers this offseason. It's a position that could use another prospect heading into training camp as well.

Ex-SMU running back Traylon Shead drew some interest at his recent pro day. He's a big back, listed at 230 pounds, but doesn't have great speed or vision.

LaKendrick Ross, a Dan McCullers-sized defensive tackle from Virginia-Lynchburg, is appealing based on his size and really nothing else. He basically has zero chance of being drafted due to a lack of athleticism and polish.

Ex-New Mexico wide receiver/kick returner Chase Clayton struggled with academic issues in his career, and won't be drafted today. Teams will want to give him a shot, given his return ability.

Not much to see here, but any of the four players who go undrafted are free agents, and in that situation, it's possible the Steelers kick a tire or two.