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2014 NFL Draft

BTSC readers very pleased with 2014 Draft class

The lack of high pick being used on a cornerback is the chief concern among BTSC readers, but over 90 percent voted it within the top two options.

Why the draft didn't unfold the way many thought

Why the 2014 draft didn't unfold the way you may have probably thought, and why that's likely a good thing.

Steelers 2014 Undrafted Free Agency Tracker

An active and running list of all the Steelers' undrafted free agent signings. Check back frequently, we'll continue updating as the night progresses.

An average Joe's reaction to the top two picks

Corner and receiver were perhaps the Steelers two biggest needs as they head into the 2014 NFL Draft. And they didn't endear themselves to a number of fans--including my brother--when they went linebacker and defensive line in Rounds 1 and 2.

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Steelers draft results in eye of opinion makers

It's pointless to try to review draft results immediately following the draft.

Analyzing the decision to wait on a cornerback

More than 150 players were drafted before the Steelers scooped up Arizona's Shaquille Richardson in the fifth round. What gives? Steelers secondary coach Carnell Lake suggests free agent additions may already have taken care of the issue.

Golic signs 2-year deal with Saints

One of the Steelers more highly touted UDFAs from 2013 lands a deal with the Saints a year after the Steelers signed him.

Steelers Draft: Best, worst and most surprising

The Steelers focused specifically on adding speed and versatility in this draft. They succeeded overall, but that doesn't mean it was perfect.

Film: Archer provides multi-dimensional options

The Steelers continue to feel the need for speed.

Blanchflower 'has high level of aggression'

The Steelers' seventh round pick Rob Blanchflower is a two-phase tight end, and a player the Steelers feel will develop well to fit within the Steelers' multi-formation offense.

Steelers meet goal of becoming more versatile

The Steelers clearly wanted to become a more versatile football team by the end of the 2014 NFL Draft. They succeeded in that plan.

For Jordan Zumwalt, it's Christmas Day

Former Steelers defensive assistant Lou Spanos was quick to tell Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler about Jordan Zumwalt. The UCLA linebacker couldn't be happier that's where he ended up.

McCullers says he must be "The Biggest Snack"

He jokingly referred to himself as "The Biggest Snack," a tribute to Hampton's nickname "Big Snack." McCullers, at 6-foot-7, 352 pounds, is considerably bigger than even Hampton was, and looks to begin his career in the same place Hampton did.

Kiper gives Steelers draft A- grade

Kiper hasn't always agreed with the Steelers' drafts, but he grades them out pretty well this year (outside of a minus next to it).

Steelers go Showtime in Day 3 of the NFL Draft

On Day 3 of the NFL Draft, the Steelers acquired their own Shaq/Bryant duo.

Steelers undrafted free agency: Who's available?

There are still lots of talented players who weren't drafted. The Steelers will still add several more after the seventh round was concluded.

Grading the Steelers 4th-7th round picks

The draft is officially over! Read on to discover the grades for the Steelers 6 picks through rounds 4 to 7.

Steelers 2014 draft class is complete

A brief summary of each pick, weigh in with your comments.


Pittsburgh rounds out their 2014 draft class with a tight end from UMass.


Mammoth nose tackle Daniel McCullers heads to Pittsburgh as the antithesis of the Steelers' speed draft of 2014.

Munchak sees Johnson as position flexible

New Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak spoke very highly of the team's fifth round pick, Vanderbilt OT Wesley Johnson.


Jordan Zumwalt, a fiery leader and competitor, looks to join the Steelers via special teams initially.

Steelers have two picks in Round 6

The Steelers will pick twice again, this time at 192 and 215 in the sixth round.

Steelers Shaquille Richardson re-unites with Lake

Carnell Lake, the Steelers defensive backs coach, remembers Richardson particularly the talent he had. That's why he recruited him to play at UCLA.


The Steelers haven't forgotten about its offensive line, adding Vanderbilt OT Wesley Johnson with the second of two fifth round picks. A natural zone blocker, he has experience across the line.


The Steelers selected Arizona cornerback Shaquille Richardson with the 157th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Martavis Bryant told his mom he wanted Steelers

Happy Mother's Day, Martavis's mom, your son is going to catch deep passes in Pittsburgh.

Shazier, Bryant teammates after Orange Bowl duel

Ryan Shazier and Martavis Bryant did battle against each other in the final college game of their careers. Four months later, the two will now battle for the same cause as members of the Steelers.

AFCN coach: Manziel to fall in same trap as Quinn

No mention of what trap that is, either having to eat some humble pie over being one of the last players at the draft to be selected, or being taken by the Cleveland Browns.

NFL Draft order: Steelers pick twice in Round 5

Pittsburgh has two picks in Round 5, selecting at 17 (157) and 33 (173).

Avoiding Sweed comparisons will be difficult

The Steelers' fourth-round pick may end up being the most popular one when it's all said and done. Rarely do prospects show so clearly such a high ceiling and such obvious bust characteristics.


The Steelers select tall Clemson WR Martavis Bryant with the 118th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Day 3 War Room

The place to be to discuss all the Steelers' draft picks from rounds 4-7 of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Grading the Steelers draft through three rounds

We are now through three rounds of the 2014 NFL draft. Read on to find out how the Steelers have fared so far with their selections.

Steelers earning positive evaluations

The grading vehicle some media members are driving may be a tad odd, but the general feeling is the Steelers added three good players on Days 1 and 2 in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Steelers depth chart: How the picks fit on roster

All three of the Steelers' picks through three rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft will probably see snaps every game. Here's a rundown of how they will contribute to the current depth charts at each position.


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