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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select Michigan OT Taylor Lewan

Mock Draft Monday features one from The Football Spot, and a tackle from Michigan.

Leon Halip

The Football Spot re-ignites the early-early front-runner, Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan.

A strong late-season push from the Steelers' offensive line might make this pick a tad less of an immediate need than a few others who could be taken at this spot (C.J. Mosley went No. 24 to Cincinnati, which is a scary thought), but looking ahead, the Steelers will still have lots of decisions to make among their offensive linemen - current starting right tackle Marcus Gilbert in particular.

Whether Lewan is the right player at No. 15 overall will bring with it mixed opinions. It seems multiple offensive tackles are all over the first round, both high and low, and Lewan is no exception. The one benefit the Steelers offensive line has moving into the next two years is it will remain relatively inexpensive. But that will become less true in each passing season.

The pick may be a tad out of reach, but for as young as the Steelers' offensive line is now, it still may be an area the team will address at some point in the upcoming draft.