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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select DE Stephon Tuitt

A new mock draft puts another Notre Dame defensive lineman to the Steelers at No. 15.

Jonathan Daniel

Notre Dame defensive end Stephon Tuitt has been on the board in most of the NFL Mock Drafts we've featured to this point.

Indy Sports Report remedied that Thursday when they posted their last mock, sending Tuitt to Pittsburgh at No. 15.

Scoping the Steelers’ roster, you could go any number of ways with this pick. However, I will give the Steelers the benefit of the doubt and say the returning players they had who were injured last year will give them quite a boost. However, they could really use an upgrade on the defensive line. Adding Stephon Tuitt into the mix is a slam dunk.

We like slam dunks in mock drafts. And those injured players coming back may or may not end up being the reason the Steelers would select Tuitt, they'd get an excellent prospect.

The key with Tuitt is his ability to improve on his athleticism and strength. If he can develop his technique quickly, he could end up being one of the best of this class. He's naturally very strong, but he'll still need some work.