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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select Darqueze Dennard

Maybe 15 is too high for Dennard, but his name is coming up often enough at the Steelers' spot in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Gregory Shamus

We didn't think we'd recycle candidates this quickly into the process. But then we really should have thought about doing a Featured Mock Draft each day (most days) might have this drawback.

However, we've enjoyed ripping on our SB Nation brethren in the past, and we're two days overdue with this one, so here we go.

Dan Kadar's newest pick to Pittsburgh, Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard.

With Ike Taylor turning 34 by the start of next season, the Steelers should find some young talent in the secondary. Dennard's style is similar to Taylor in that he's physical with receivers and he's a sound tackler. Drafting a cornerback (or two) early would allow the Steelers to move Taylor inside to safety if they wanted.

The classic "point out age, find replacement" logic of mockers is always good for a fun laugh, but pulling the classic "just move the veteran cornerback to safety" bit puts it over the edge.

Thirty took time away from finding a way to defeat the communists and penned a piece that strongly indicates he hasn't been impressed with Dennard's absence from the Senior Bowl so far (Fairness in Savagery Act: Kadar's mock came out before the Senior Bowl practices began). He was only slightly more impressed with his overall body of work, which is to say he thought he was a good, not great player.

Does that sound like No. 15 overall?

And BTSC fan favorite Ra'Shede Hageman goes to Dallas at 17. Let's just wait until a big national mocker throws Hageman in the top 10 after the Combine.