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2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Steelers select OLB Anthony Barr at No. 15

Uber-athlete Anthony Barr falls to 15 in The Viking Age's first mock draft of the season. The Steelers are more than happy to scoop him up from there.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a new twist.

What all would need to happen to send a player who usually garners top five-level praise to fall all the way to 15?

Would we even care?

Impossible to pass up at 15, but only slightly more possible is the idea of UCLA DE/OLB Anthony Barr falling to 15 in the first place. Still, it'd be quite spectacular. There isn't explanations written with the picks of the Viking Age's first mock draft, and perhaps it would read something like this:

Barr falls all the way to 15 because...well, we don't have a reason, just that 14 other guys went before him. The Steelers will neither cry nor complain, considering they landed an outstanding athlete at a mid-first round pick. Maybe that makes Barr motivated as well.

It's fun to dream...and we figured planting that warm and fuzzy seed in your head was a good way to approach a Friday. Hey, weird things can happen come draft time.