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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers select Marqise Lee

Walter Football changes pick from Mike Evans to the USC standout Lee. The reasoning is exactly the same; the Steelers should add a playmaker while they can.


Perhaps it doesn't earn an 'A' for originality, but Walter Football's most recent update to their mock draft has the Steelers looking playmaker with the 15th overall pick.

It used to be Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans, now, it's Marqise Lee, the smooth and pro-ready receiver from USC.

The Steelers will never pass up the opportunity to grab a great offensive play-maker if one is available to them. This draft class is top-heavy at receiver, so Pittsburgh can go with the best player available, and that would be Marqise Lee. The team lost its deep threat this past offseason when the overrated Mike Wallace took the money and ran to Miami. The Steelers are definitely interested in bringing in a new top wideout.

We mentioned the last time the fun of reading about the overrated Wallace. Lee is an interesting candidate to place alongside that theory. Some will say his 2012 tape is better than his 2013 tape, but on both, you see a polished route-runner with a higher understanding of the game than most of his competitors in this year's draft class.

Lee has the look of a receiver who could compete for snaps right away. With the impending departure of Emmanuel Sanders and the presence of multiple three-WR packages employed by the Steelers, bolstering this position with some more depth could be a focus of this draft.

Does that mean Lee has shown enough to this point to be considered a top 15 pick? Both sides make compelling cases, but he's definitely a player to keep an eye on as Combine and Pro Day seasons get underway.