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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Steelers look for help in the secondary, take CB Darqueze Dennard

Solid all-around but not outstanding, the Michigan State cornerback could be the best mix of best player available and position of need for the Steelers in the upcoming NFL Draft.


It's been a week of secondary predictions.

Mock drafts are just that - mocks - but looking at them from a bigger picture perspective, they show good insight into a broad range of insight from opinion-makers. Many of them are keying into a main area of need for the Steelers; help in the secondary.

The fine men and women of Breaking Football see that, and they're suggesting the Steelers grab Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard with the No. 15 pick. The solid all-around cornerback isn't likely to wow anyone with elite athleticism, or even one particular trait that makes him stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field. But he is solid in every area.

Their reasoning:

Pittsburgh could use help on the offensive line and in the secondary, so they could do a number of things. I think the best move is getting major talent in the secondary. Dennard has slipped a bit due to poorly timed speed, but he’s still probably the best overall corner in this draft class. They could also go safety if they’re not in love with Dennard or another corner.

They hit on a good point. If Dennard shows he can run faster than what he's allegedly been timed previously, the masses could warm up to him a bit more. Not that speed is everything, but weighing the overall body of work for the 15th pick should include individual athleticism as well.

We're likely to read and hear more about the Steelers kicking Dennard's tires more and more as draft season progresses. He should still be considered a candidate leading into the Combine at the end of the month, but that's all anyone is right now; a candidate.