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2014 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation sends Justin Gilbert to Pittsburgh

This, of course, won't happen. Right?

SB Nation is starting to stick with what won't happen. Matthew Fairburn's latest mock draft shows the Steelers getting themselves some athleticism at the cornerback position, selecting Oklahoma State's Justin Gilbert (won't happen, right?).

It's a Mock Draft Monday, and we felt enough about it to double up with them on the day (or, we just didn't realize SB Nation was putting one out today). We went over the possibility of Eric Ebron going to Pittsburgh at No. 15 earlier. We feel it's more important to post what will not happen, which is the Steelers selecting Gilbert.

Writes Fairburn:

Justin Gilbert is tough to figure out. On one hand, he has the ability to be a shutdown cornerback with his length and straight-line speed. On the other hand, he struggles with his footwork and was inconsistent in off coverage throughout his career. On talent alone, Gilbert should be a first-round pick. The Steelers have a big need at cornerback.

Gilbert will need some work, and won't make as immediate an impact as Michigan State's Darqueze Dennard, but coaching goes a long way. While the Steelers do not have an ideal situation at cornerback in 2014, a draft pick likely won't help it much anyway. They have enough depth there to bring in a rookie for a half redshirt season and prepare him to compete for a starting job in 2015.

If Vegas was taking odds on who the Steelers will take (and it very well could be), it would seem Dennard would be the odds-on favorite. Gilbert wouldn't even be an option, because it won't happen.