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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Khalil Mack falls to 15

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The Steelers take their second outside linebacker in the first round in the last two drafts, according to SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We've waited through the boring predictions of countless offensive tackles and random safeties.

We're finally onto something a bit more exciting.

SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn expects a slide of sorts through the 2014 NFL Draft, and when the dust settles at the No. 15 pick, the Steelers will take outside linebacker Khalil Mack - noted by BTSC as the "best defensive player in the draft," as well as the team's second straight season of selecting that position in the first round.

Fairburn's reasoning:

So ends the slide of Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack. He's a dynamic athlete and a high-caliber prospect, but it was tough to find a fit for him earlier than this based on team needs. Mack could easily be a top-five pick in May, but for now the Steelers get another piece for their pass rush. It's tough to see Mack falling any farther than this.

And let it be so. While outside linebacker can't be considered a position of need, it'd be quite the shock if Mack fell to this spot, making the value of that pick perhaps one of the largest the team will have seen since the Steel Curtain - including David DeCastro's drop to 23 in 2012.

It'd be even less probable than that, too. Pass rushing is such a huge component of today's game, a player with such huge upside in that regard can't be expected to last until the middle of the first round.

But it's fun to dream.