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2014 Post Combine 5 Round Mock Draft

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With what Kevin Colbert calls the deepest draft he's seen in 30 years and a lack of a third round pick due to last years trade that netted them Shamarko Thomas don't be surprised to see the Steelers trade back if the likes of Eric Ebron, Mike Evans, and Justin Gilbert are already off of the board.

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1. Houston Texans - Blake Bortles QB, Central Florida

Team needs: QB/RT/OLB/ILB/RB/LG

This pick will come down to Jadeveon Clowney or Blake Bortles, or possibly a trade down if the Texans can find a team willing to trade with them. New coach Bill O'Brien is rumored to favor Bortles and after all of the positive buzz on Bortles after the combine he seems like the logical choice.

2. St. Louis Rams - Greg Robinson OT, Auburn

Team needs: OT/S/LG/WR/DT/#3CB/SLB

If the Rams stay put they should be looking to draft Greg Robinson, Sammy Watkins, or even Jadeveon Clowney. Jake Long is coming back from an ACL tear and Greg Robinson seems to have put himself above Jake Matthews after the combine. Sammy Watkins could be the true number one WR they've been looking for. Clowney would be a long-term investment if they can't afford to resign Robert Quinn or they can't renegotiate Chris Long's contract which gets very expensive in it's final years. The most likely scenario is the Rams trading back with Atlanta, Tampa Bay, or Minnesota, whoever is willing to give up the most for Clowney should the Texans bypass him, and should still be able to get a premier tackle prospect.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Teddy Bridgewater QB, Louisville

Team needs: QB/DE/RB/RT/LB/LG/DT/OC

Jacksonville needs a quarterback plain and simple but Jadeveon Clowney won't make it past this point if he's available. They will be able to get either Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, or Johnny Manziel here. Given how many holes they have on the roster they could look to trade back and picks up some extra selections.

4. Cleveland Browns - Sammy Watkins WR, Clemson

Team needs: QB/RB/ILB/RG/#2CB/WR

It was former GM Michael Lombardi who was in love with Johnny Manziel but he's gone and new GM Ray Farmer doesn't seem to like Manziel. Former Cleveland scout and current writer Daniel Jeremiah stated on "The Dan Patrick Show" that multiple sources within the Browns organization are saying that they will target Derek Carr at number 26 and take a different player with the fourth pick. Who that player is he didn't say but the only player the Browns interviewed at the combine worthy of this pick is Sammy Watkins and seems like a logical choice if Cleveland doesn't try to trade out of this pick. New HC and former Buffalo DC Mike Pettine could want Khalil Mack given that there will be some overhaul of the defense after a likely switch to a 4-3 scheme with new DC Jim O'Neil.

5. Oakland Raiders - Johnny Manziel QB, Texas A&M

Team needs: QB/RB/WR/DE/DT/LG/S/CB

The Raiders apparently came away from the combine very smitten with Johnny Manziel and could possibly trade up with the Rams to get him. If he's unavailable look for the Raiders to trade out of this spot and target Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr while drafting Tajh Boyd or Zach Mettenberger later on.

6. Atlanta Falcons - Jadeveon Clowney DE, South Carolina

Team needs: DE/OT/OG/RB/DT/LB/TE

The Falcons could target an offensive tackle here but owe Sam Baker too much money to replace him a year into his new deal, plus it's the interior of the offensive line that really needs to be addressed. Anthony Barr or Khalil Mack would be a perfect fit for the Falcons defense and would assume the hybrid DE/OLB role that Kroy Biermann was playing before he tore his Achilles.The Falcons haven't been shy in the past about trading up for a player they covet and Clowney could be a real difference maker on their defense. Even Clowney himself is lobbying for the Falcons to trade up for him so he can be close to home. It should only cost the Falcons an additional 2 second round picks to trade for Clowney in addition to the sixth pick.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M

Team needs: DE/TE/SLB/DT/OT/LG

Mike Glennon has shown enough flashes that new head coach Lovie Smith will be probably wouldn't take a quarterback here regardless of the smoke screen he's trying to sell through the media which is just posturing for a trade back scenario. The Bucs keep swinging and missing on pass-rushers in the draft so it is still a big need for them and as such they'll show a lot of interest in Khalil Mack. Jake Matthews doesn't fill a big need but he's the best player available and would be a huge upgrade over Donald Penn who could still be cut for cap reasons.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Khalil Mack OLB, Buffalo

Team needs: QB/DE/SLB/LG/SS/CB

New head coach Mike Zimmer will probably want his own guy at QB but this is way too early for Derek Carr. Defensively they could lose Jared Allen and Kevin Williams to free agency and will definitely let the underachieving Chris Cook walk. They could make a play for Jadeveon Clowney but should be able to sit back and take Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr here to upgrade at SLB. NFL draft guru Mike Mayock came out and stated that Mack would be his number one overall pick so getting him here is a steal. If he's unavailable the next option would be Justin Gilbert to replace Cook and form an awesome tandem with Xavier Rhodes.

9. Buffalo Bills - Eric Ebron TE, North Carolina

Team needs: OG/FS/TE/RT/WR/WLB/#3CB

Buffalo won't be able to fill their biggest need in the first round as there currently aren't any guards worth a top-25 selection. They could trade back or reach for HaHa Clinton-Dix to replace free agent Jairus Byrd if they don't franchise him. The Bills could also use an upgrade at RT over Erik Pears. TE Scott Chandler is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway and the Bills should be trying to build around their young QB so Eric Ebron makes the most sense.

10. Detroit Lions - Mike Evans WR, Texas A&M

Team needs: #2WR/CB/OC/SLB/TE

Detroit has been looking for another presence in the passing game to take the pressure off of Calvin Johnson. They've drafted a few wide receiver busts in the middle rounds in the past. With Brandon Pettigrew a free agent the Lions are in the market for a tight end as well. Mike Evans has the size that Detroit seems to prefer in their WR's. if they lose Pettigrew in free agency they could make a play for Eric Ebron but will probably roll the dice on Joseph Fauria.

11. Tennessee Titans - Anthony Barr DE/OLB, UCLA

Team needs: QB/OLB/S/CB/OT/RB

This pick will largely hinge on what the Titans future plans are for Michael Roos and David Stewart. Stewart is a free agent this offseason while Roos is a free agent next year. If the Titans plan to let either of them go they could draft a replacement here. Another free agency issue is with Alterraun Verner. He's likely to have priced himself out of Tennessee and the Titans will need to replace him with someone like Justin Gilbert. They also need personal for Ray Horton's new 3-4 defense. They could take Taylor Lewan as a possible replacement for David Stewart but the best player available is Anthony Barr to help with the conversion to the new defensive scheme.

12. New York Giants - Taylor Lewan OT, Michigan

Team needs: OT/LB/DE/DT/CB/S/OC/TE

The Giants could definitely stand to take advantage of a great crop of offensive tackles, especially if one of the top three falls. William Beatty broke his leg in the last game of the season but wasn't playing very well before that anyway. The Giants could draft a new LT, shift Beatty to RT, and move Justin Pugh to OG. They have a tendency to draft pass-rushers and with Justin Tuck and Linval Josephs free agency the Giants will most likely need to replace them with either Kony Ealy, Timmy Jernigan, Ra'Shede Hageman, or Louis Nix.

13. St. Louis Rams - Justin Gilbert CB, Oklahoma State

Team needs: OT/S/LG/WR/DT/CB/SLB

HaHa Clinton-Dix would be a popular choice to fill the hole next to T.J. McDonald but Jeff Fisher is more likely to draft a replacement for the expensive and disappointing Cortland Finnegan here. They also need need an upgrade over the high priced Kendall Langford and Fisher loves drafting defensive linemen early so Timmy Jernigan or Aaron Donald would be perfect fits as a 3-tech under DT next to Michael Brockers.

14. Chicago Bears - Aaron Donald DT, Pittsburgh

Team needs: DT/CB/S/SLB/OC

One of Chicago's biggest issues is at DT. Henry Melton is a free agent coming back from a serious injury. If he isn't resigned or if the Bears think he can't come back from injury they will definitely need to replace him with Aaron Donald whom they were rumored to be enamored with at the combine. They also have needs at SLB and CB and would be in the running for either C.J. Mosley or Justin Gilbert. Recently GM Phil Emery mentioned getting younger on defense through the draft and with Charles Tillman a 33 year old drafting a CB here would make a lot of sense.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kelvin Benjamin WR, Florida State

Team needs: FS/CB/DE/WR/OT/OLB

Before we get into analysis of the possible pick lets briefly look at the Steelers recent draft history under GM Kevin Colbert who has been with the team since 2000. Colbert has alternated between offense and defense every year except for 2005 with he picked Health Miller sandwiched between Roethlisberger in 2004 and Santonio Holmes in 2006. They've trade up twice, for Holmes and Troy Polamalu, and have traded back only once when they drafted Casey Hampton in 2001. And not just in Colbert's time but the Steelers have never traded out of the first round since the AFL/NFL merger.

So what if anything does any of that mean? Well it could mean nothing just as easily as it could give us a definitive pattern of where the Steelers will be targeting. Since they drafted Jarvis Jones last year it could mean that the Steelers will take an offensive player this go around. It also could mean that it's unlikely the Steelers would trade out of this pick, either up or down. There's a lot more that will go into deciding this pick of course. Pittsburgh's recent trend of success with taking speedy, mid-round WR's could mean it's unlikely to be a pass-catcher even though there are rumors that the front office has told Big Ben that he's finally going to get the tall WR he's coveted for so long. They've also shown a tendency for drafting tall, lanky, athletic CB's in the middle rounds as well a la Cortez Allen, Keenan Lewis, Ike Taylor, etc. and probably wouldn't take Justin Gilbert here even if he does fit the mold.

Now lets look at needs. Obviously free agency is going to come into play but the biggest needs would arguably be on defense. Offensively they'll let Sanders walk but should resign Jerricho Cotchery to a short-term deal, and with Wheaton going into his second year they don't have an immediate need for a WR. They've got a lot of free agents behind Le'Veon Bell but will resign some combination of Jon Dwyer, Felix Jones, and La'Rod Stephens-Howling negating a pick at RB until at least the late rounds. The offensive line has been an issue for years but with Mike Munchak in the fold he'll be given time to work with the likes of Beachum, Mike Adams, and Marcus Gilbert. So unless Jake Matthews happens to fall here an offensive lineman shouldn't be taken before the fifth round.

Defensively there will be free agency issues at DE with both Brett Keisel and Ziggy Hood. It's unlikely that both will be resigned so at least depth will be needed. They'll also need depth at OLB because it's unlikely that both Jason Worilds and LaMarr Woodley will both be on the roster. The biggest issues are in the secondary as Ryan Clark will not be resigned and Ike Taylor may be cut.

Even though it seems unlikely the Steelers are in a prime position for a trade back. In any other year they would sit tight and take the best player available who fits any kind of need, be it immediate or in a year from now, but given Kevin Colbert's comments about this being the deepest draft he's seen in 30 years plus the Steelers lack of a third round pick it just makes sense for them to trade back. Plus most of the players the Steelers would seem to want to take here are unavailable like Eric Ebron, Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, and Justin Gilbert. They've also interviewed Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix and Louis Nix at the combine so they may be options as well.

A perfect partner for such a trade back is the San Fransisco 49ers. They have multiple picks in the second and third rounds, and they have a roster too deep to accommodate all eleven of their draft picks, which isn't counting any possible compensatory picks. Last year they traded up 13 slots with the Cowboys from 31 to 18 for Eric Reid and it cost them the 74th pick in the third round. For this trade they would be moving up 15 slots from 30 to 15 and they currently own the 77th pick in the third round. On the trade value chart that might not work out numbers wise in the Steelers favor but perhaps they could pry away the 61st pick in the second round. Even settling for the third round pick the Steelers should still be able to get a starter given the depth of this draft class.

After trading back to pick 30 the selection should hinge on whether or not the Steelers resign Ziggy Hood. If he walks they should draft Stephon Tuitt to replace him, otherwise based on their needs and the players available they should adhere to the alternating first round pick theorem and take a WR, Odell Beckham and Brandin Cooks would be along the lines of what they've preferred over recent drafts while Allen Robinson or Kelvin Benjamin would fill the role of the taller WR.

Kelvin Benjamin is very raw in terms of route running and has some mental lapses that caused some drops but he only had one year of starting experience at FSU. Because Cotchery will be resigned to a short-term deal Benjamin won't be leaned on too much in his rookie season and should have time to further advance his skill set.

16. Dallas Cowboys - Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

Team needs: DT/LDE/SS/RT/LB

Dallas needs to upgrade their defense. If Monte Kiffin survives another season as defensive coordinator Timmy Jernigan would be a perfect fit as a 3 technique DT. They could also draft C.J. Mosley as an upgrade over Bruce Carter or Ernie Sims. Another issue is at DE where Anthony Spencer is a free agent and they've had issues at safety for years.

17. Baltimore Ravens - C.J. Mosley LB, Alabama

Team needs: OT/#2WR/TE/SS/OC

Baltimore has several free agency decisions to make. Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher are free agents and it's likely the Ravens will resign Monroe and like Oher walk. Arthur Jones and Darryl Smith are free agents as well. The Ravens could take Zach Martin and are rumored to be very interested in Eric Ebron even though they resigned Dennis Pitta but they should draft C.J. Mosley if he's available. Smith was a great replacement for the retired Ray Lewis but he'll be 33 years old and will likely be looking for one final pay day after resurrecting his career in Baltimore. Arthur Brown could certainly still develop but they will still need another starter at ILB. They could also use this pick to find a compliment to Torrey Smith.

18. New York Jets - Odell Beckham Jr. WR, LSU

Team needs: ROLB/WR/TE/S/ILB/RT/OG

The Jets need weapons for Geno Smith and should be targeting the highest rated TE or WR. Rex Ryan must do everything in his power so that Geno succeeds at QB. They could also need an upgrade at ROLB, definitely at safety, and could possibly draft C.J. Mosley if he's available because David Harris and DeMario Davis were both terrible in coverage this season. With a very strong showing at the combine Odell Beckham as leapfrogged Marqise Lee as the third highest rated WR.

19. Miami Dolphins - Zach Martin OT, Notre Dame

Team needs: OT/OG/DT/TE/CB

Miami's offensive line is a mess. Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito will both be gone but they could stand to upgrade every position except for center. Given what a disappointment Mike Wallace has been the Dolphins could be shopping for another wide receiver. They'll also need at least one defensive tackle because Paul Soliai and Randy Starks are both free agents and Miami will only most likely be able to afford to resign one of them. Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll are free agents as well so CB is another position of need for Miami. The Dolphins are rumored to be hoping to sign Brandon Albert in free agency but they have so many need along the offensive line that they could still take Zach Martin here to play RT or OG.

20. Arizona Cardinals - Ra'Shede Hageman DT, Minnesota

Team needs: QB/OT/OLB/RB

Arizona has needed to upgrade the offensive tackle position for years, even before trading Levi Brown to the Steelers, but they are rumored to be looking to go the free agent route to fill the void. Defensively they need to upgrade their outside linebackers. John Abraham has played very well but he'll be 36 years old next season. They'll also need a long-term successor to Carson Palmer. Another issue they could have is a DE. Darnell Dockett will be 33 years old this coming season and may end up a cap casualty. Ra'Shede Hageman would be a perfect replacement.

21. Green Bay Packers - Louis Nix lll NT, Notre Dame

Team needs: ILB/S/DE/TE

Offensively the Packers will need a replacement for Jermichael Finley and Ted Thompson is never afraid to stock up on linemen. This pick will most likely be used to bolster the defense. Inside linebacker and safety are the big issues of need but G.B. will likely target a defensive lineman. Yes they drafted Datone Jones in the first round last year but B.J. Raji is going to command a lot of money on the open market and they'll need a replacement to play the DE/NT position that Raji plays which is vital to their defense.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Darqueze Dennard CB, Michigan State

Team needs: OLB/S/CB

The Eagles pick should be devoted to the defense, either at outside linebacker, cornerback, or safety. GM Howie Roseman was quoted as saying that he plans to upgrade the safety position before the draft so they should be players for T.J. Ward or Jairus Byrd.

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Marqise Lee WR, USC

Team needs: WR/DE/S/OT/ILB/#2CB

Andy Reid likes drafting linemen, wide receivers, and cornerbacks early. He took Eric Fisher number one overall last year but he has struggled and Brandon Albert will be a free agent so they could be looking to take another OT in the first round. They could take a TE or a WR given Dwayne Bowe's struggles. And defensively they may need to replace free agent to be Tyson Jackson. And K.C. cut Dunta Robinson a year into his contract so if Darqueze Dennard were available he would probably be the pick but Lee is simply too good to pass up at this juncture and only falls because of a sub par combine.

24. Cincinnati Bengals - Kony Ealy DE, Missouri

Team needs: CB/LB/RDE/OC/LT/DT

If the Bengals fail to resign Anthony Collins this pick will likely be the top rated OT. Defensively the Bengals could have a lot of issues at cornerback. Leon Hall will be coming back from a second Achilles tear while Dre Kirkpatrick has had an up but mostly down career so far while Terrence Newman and Adam Jones are only getting older. At DT Geno Atkins will be coming back from a torn ACL while Domata Peko is starting to show his age while entering the final year of his contract. AT DE they are expected to lose Michael Johnson and Margus Hunt hasn't shown he can develop int anything more than a situational pass-rusher to this point.

25. San Diego Chargers - Dee Ford DE/OLB, Auburn

Team needs: LOLB/LT/CB/OG/RB/TE/SS

The Chargers hit on D.J. Fluker but still need more upgrades on the offensive line and they simply have to do something about their defense. They need to upgrade the pass-rush especially if Melvin Ingram takes some time to come back from injury. Their secondary is an even greater issue so they could go with a cornerback or a safety here.

26. Cleveland Browns (via Indianapolis Colts) - Derek Carr QB, Fresno State

Team needs: QB/RB/ILB/#2CB/OG

As was stated earlier former Cleveland scout and current writer Daniel Jeremiah stated on "The Dan Patrick Show" that multiple sources within the Browns organization are saying that they will target Derek Carr at number 26 and take a different player with the fourth pick.

27. New Orleans Saints - Ha'Sean "Ha Ha" Clinton-Dix S, Alabama

Team needs: FS/ILB/OLB/OT/OC/TE

Rob Ryan has done wonders transforming the Saints defense this past season but more needs to be done to continue the upward trend. Victor Butler is coming back from a torn ACL, Malcolm Jenkins is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway, and David Hawthorne has been a bust signing so far. Offensively they have free agency issues at OC and RT. Brian De La Puente should be resigned but Zach Strief is 31 years old and should be replaced.Because of such a deep draft the Saints are fortuitous in having Clinton-Dix fall because of a sub par 40 time at the combine. He would make an excellent pair with Kenny Vaccaro.

28. Carolina Panthers - Brandin Cooks WR, Oregon State

Team needs: OT/WR/CB/S/WLB/RG

Left tackle Jordan Gross retired and no one on the roster is capable of filling his shoes. They also need a long-term successor for Steve Smith and need to continue overhauling their secondary. And it's likely they won't be able to afford to retain free agent Greg Hardy. Ron Rivera stated that his number one priority is finding a WR who can step up. If it weren't for the fall of Antonio Richardson and Cyrus Kouandjio based on medical reasons one or the other would be taken here.

29. New England Patriots - Jace Amaro TE, Texas Tech

Team needs: TE/DT/S/CB/WR/OC

New England has to do something about the tight end position. It's such an important cog in their offense and with Aaron Hernandez rotting in prison and Gronk's injury history they should be spending an early pick on one, especially if Jace Amaro or Austin Seferian-Jenkins are available. It's worth noting that the Patriots interviewed four of the top TE prospects at the combine, including Amaro and ASJ along with Troy Niklas and C.J. Fiedorowicz.

30. San Francisco 49ers - Calvin Pryor S, Louisville

Team needs: CB/#2WR/SS

San Francisco is a prime candidate for a trade back because they currently have eleven picks and and a very solid roster. They don't have any pressing needs but could use another wide receiver and they need to think about the long-term future at cornerback. Carlos Rogers is 32 years old and the 49ers need someone to groom behind him. They could also use a youthful compliment to Michael Crabtree in the WR corps. They traded up for Eric Reid a year ago and all it cost them was a third round pick and could look to do the same for Justin Gilbert, Marqise Lee, or perhaps even a safety to pair with Reid given that Donte Whitner is a free agent. Calvin Pryor was interviewed by the 49ers at the combine and is the type of physical DB they'll be looking to draft to emulate the Seahawks.

31. Denver Broncos - Scott Crichton DE, Oregon State

Team needs: CB/LG/DT/RDE/ILB/S

Left guard is the Broncos only need on offense so this pick will likely be used on defense. Of course they could use a replacement at WR for Eric Decker as well. They need upgrades all along the interior of their defense and may have issues at cornerback as will. Champ Bailey and Quentin Jammer are only getting older while DRC is a free agent. Denver should be in the hunt for free agents Darryl Smith, Jared Allen, and possibly even Alterraun Verner but likely won't get all of them. Mike Mayock recently suggested Scott Crichton to Denver and equated him as a "poor mans Chris Long". He would make a good replacement for soon to be 33 year old free agent Shaun Phillips.

32. Seattle Seahawks - Jordan Matthews WR, Vanderbilt

Team needs: RT/OG/LDE/TE/WR

Offensively Seattle needs to upgrade both OG spots and at right tackle as Breno Giacomini is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway. And Russell Wilson could use some more play-makers at WR and TE. Defensively they are just about set but will have issues at DE. Michael Bennett is likely to be franchised which means that both he and Cliff Avril will be free agents next offseason. The Seahawks released Sidney Rice, Golden Tate is a free agent, and Percy Harvin has a long injury history plus an issue with migraines so drafting a WR also makes sense. They interviewed Matthews at the combine.

Round 2:

33. Houston Texans - Ryan Shazier LB, Ohio State

The Texans wanted to draft Arthur Brown last year before the Ravens traded up in front of them.

34. Washington Redskins - Stephon Tuitt DE/DT, Notre Dame

Team needs: CB/ILB/WR/RG/DE

Washington's secondary is it's biggest issue. They've got a couple of young safeties and CB that need to make the leap in their second years but CB Josh Wilson is a free agent. At ILB London Fletcher is finally retiring while Perry Riley is a free agent. On offense they need to upgrade at RG and need more weapons for RG3. They could draft Austin Seferian-Jenkins because of Fred Davis' indefinite suspension. Their defensive line couldn't stop the run last season and Stephon Tuitt is the best player available.

35. Cleveland Browns - Carlos Hyde RB, Ohio State

Cleveland is rumored to be interested in local product Carlos Hyde and could use him as a one-two punch with free agent Ben Tate who they are also rumored to covet.

36. Oakland Raiders - Xavier Su'a-filo OG, UCLA

Oakland could take a RB here but definitely need to upgrade at LG.

37. Traded Pick - St. Louis Rams (via Atlanta Falcons) - Martavis Bryant WR, Clemson

The Falcons won't have this pick after trading up for Jadeveon Clowney. St. Louis has spent many draft picks on WR's but most have yet to pan out except for Tavon Austin.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Washington

T.B. has been looking to upgrade the TE position for years.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tre Mason RB, Auburn

MJD is a free agent.

40. Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Fuller CB, Virginia Tech

The Vikings will let Chris Cook walk in free agency.

41. Buffalo Bills - Morgan Moses OG/OT, Virginia

The Bills continue to build the offense around E.J. Manuel. They can upgrade at RT.

42. Tennessee Titans - JuWuan James OT, Tennessee

The Titans have free agency issues at OT this year and next.

43. New York Giants - Ego Ferguson DT, LSU

The Giants need to replace Linval Joseph.

44. St. Louis Rams - Dion Bailey S/LB, USC

The Rams need a safety to pair with T.J. McDonald.

45. Detroit Lions - Bradley Roby CB, Ohio State

Detroit has needed to upgrade at CB for a while now and they interviewed Roby at the combine.

46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Kyle Van Noy LB, BYU

Either Jason Worilds or LaMarr Woodley won't be on the roster when the 2014 season begins. Regardless of which is still on the team the Steelers need to have a third pass-rusher to develop behind him and Jarvis Jones. Kyle Van Noy is a steal at this juncture and compares favorably to Jarvis Jones when he was coming out of UGA. He has a knack for making splash plays and is very good in pursuit but needs to get stronger to be more affective shedding blocks and in the run game. He is much better at this stage in coverage than Jones was in college and could play either outside or inside linebacker in the NFL. Also like Jones, Van Noy will be a 24 year old rookie. He has some off-the-field issues from his freshman season but is said to be a high character guy.

47. Dallas Cowboys - Carl Bradford OLB, Arizona State

Ernie Sims is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway.

48. Baltimore Ravens - Jeremiah Attaochu DE/OLB, Georgia Tech

As usual the Ravens go BPA. Courtney Upshaw has been a bust and the Ravens could use some pas-rushing depth. They interviewed Attaochu at the combine.

49. New York Jets - Troy Niklas TE, Notre Dame

The Jets should continue to build the offense around Geno Smith.

50. Miami Dolphins - Gabe Jackson OG, Mississippi State

Richie Incognito is gone and so will free agent John Jerry. Miami needs another starter to pair with Dallas Thomas.

51. Chicago Bears - Jimmie Ward S, Northern Illinois

Major Wright is a free agent and Chris Conte just needs to be replaced.

52. Arizona Cardinals - Lamarcus Joyner CB/S, Florida State

Yeremiah Bell is a free agent.

53. Green Bay Packers - Trent Murphy DE/OLB, Stanford

G.B. is rumored to be interested in Trent Murphy and need some depth behind Clay Matthews and competition for Nick Perry.

54. Philadelphia Eagles - Deone Bucannon S, Washington State

Even if they sign a safety in free agency to replace Nate Allen they'll still need to replace Patrick Chung. Philly interviewed Bucannon at the Senior Bowl.

55. Cincinnati Bengals - Jason Verrett CB, TCU

Leon Hall is coming back from a second Achilles tear and Dre Kirkpatrick hasn't developed yet.

56. San Fransisco 49ers (via Kansas City Chiefs) - Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB, Nebraska

San Fran has issues at CB and will be one of the teams trying to copy Seattle's approach of drafting big CB's.

57. San Diego Chargers - Keith McGill CB, Utah

S.D. needs major help in the secondary. They interviewed McGill at the Senior Bowl.

58. New Orleans Saints - Cameron Flemming OT, Stanford

Zach Strief is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway.

59. Indianapolis Colts - Christian Jones ILB, Florida State

Team needs: CB/S/WR/RB/ILB/RG/DE/OLB

The Colts biggest issues are in the secondary which will be compounded if they do not resign Vontae Davis. Offensively they need better protection for Andrew Luck and must start thinking about a long-term successor to Reggie Wayne. ILB Pat Angerer is a free agent who should be replaced.

60. Carolina Panthers - Brandon Thomas OT/OG, Clemson

Jordan Gross retired and the Panthers are reportedly very high on Thomas.

61. San Fransisco 49ers - Marcus Martin OC, USC

35 year old Jonathan Goodwin has hinted at retirement.

62. New England Patriots - Weston Richburg OC, Colorado State

Ryan Wendell is a free agent who needs to be replaced anyway.

63. Denver Broncos - Davante Adams WR, Fresno State

The Broncos won't be able to afford to resign Eric Decker.

64. Seattle Seahawks - Kareem Martin DE, North Carolina

Seattle cut Red Bryant and will have to deal with the free agency of Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril next offseason.

Round 3:

65. Houston Texans - Marcus Roberson CB, Florida

Houston needs to upgrade at nickel CB.

66. Washington Redskins - Allen Robinson WR, Penn State

Jay Gruden needs more weapons for RG3. Santana Moss is a 35 year old free agent.

67. Oakland Raiders - Lache Seastrunk RB, Baylor

Rashad Jennings and Darren McFadden are both free agents.

68. Atlanta Falcons - David Yankey OG/OT, Stanford

Atlanta has to do something about the interior of their offensive line.

69. New York Jets (via Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Jimmy Garaoppolo QB, Eastern Illinois

The Jets have shown the most interest in Garaoppolo so maybe they aren't confident in Geno Smith.

70. Jacksonville Jaguars - Travis Swanson OC, Arkansas

Brad Meester retired.

71. Cleveland Browns - Shane Skov ILB, Stanford

Craig Robertson is terrible and D'Qwell Jackson was released.

72. Minnesota Vikings - Zach Mettenberger QB, LSU

The Vikings interviewed Mettenberger at the combine and the rumor is that Mike Zimmer wants a strong-armed QB.

73. Buffalo Bills - Paul Richardson WR, Colorado

The Bills need a third WR to go with Steve Johnson and Robert Woods.

74. New York Giants - Jeremy Hill RB, LSU

Andre Brown is a free agent and David Wilson is going to miss the 2014 season with injury.

75. St. Louis Rams - Joel Bitonio OG/OT, Nevada

Chris Williams is a free agent.

76. Detroit Lions - Ahmad Dixon S, Baylor

Detroit cut Louis Delmas and they interviewed Dixon at the combine.

77. TRADE - Pittsburgh Steelers (from S.F. 49ers via Tennessee Titans) - Terrence Brooks S, Florida State

This is the likely compensation for trading back with the 49ers in the first round. The Steelers are not going to resign Ryan Clark and will need to find his replacement which in the short-term could be Will Allen or maybe even Louis Delmas. In the long-term though they'll need a youngster to groom ride along side of Shamarko Thomas.

78. Dallas Cowboys - Cyril Richardson OG/OT, Baylor

Dallas' OG situation is a mess.

79. Baltimore Ravens - Donte Moncrief WR, Ole Miss

The Ravens need another WR to pair with Torrey Smith.

80. New York Jets - Ed Reynolds S, Stanford

Ed Reed was a but signing and the Jets have major issues at S.

81. Miami Dolphins - Ka'Deem Carey RB, Arizona

Miami underutilized Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas appears to be a bust. They interviewed Carey at the combine.

82. Chicago Bears - Loucheiz Purifoy CB, Florida

Chicago has age and free agency issues at CB.

83. Cleveland Browns (via Pittsburgh Steelers) - Craig Loston S, LSU

If they franchise or resign T.J. Ward they'll still need another starter.

84. Arizona Cardinals - Jackson Jeffcoat DE/OLB, Texas

John Abraham is 36 years old.

85. Green Bay Packers - Tre Boston S, North Carolina

G.B. needs an upgrade at S and has shown interest in Tre Boston.

86. Philadelphia Eagles - Trevor Reilly DE/OLB, Utah

Trent Cole and Brandon Graham could both be traded or released because they don't fit the scheme.

87. Kansas City Chiefs - Chris Borland ILB, Wisconsin

K.C. finally gets a replacement for the tragic Javon Belcher. They interviewed Borland at the combine.

88. Cincinnati Bengals - Anthony Johnson DT, LSU

Domata Peko is in the final year of his contract and Geno Atkins is coming back from an ACL tear.

89. San Diego Chargers - Dakota Dozier OG/OT, Furman

S.D. has free agency issues at OG. They interviewed Dozier at the Senior Bowl.

90. Indianapolis Colts - Ed Stinson DE, Alabama

Indy needs replacements for several free agents on the defensive line.

91. New Orleans Saints - Adrian Hubbard OLB, Alabama

Victor Butler will be coming back from an ACL injury and they interviewed Hubbard at the combine.

92. Carolina Panthers - Dominique Easley DE, Florida

Carolina may not be able to sign Greg Hardy long-term.

93. New England Patriots - DaQuan Jones NT, Penn State

Vince Wilfork will be coming back from an Achilles tear.

94. San Fransisco 49ers - Jarvis Landry WR, LSU

Anquan Boldin and Mario Manningham are both free agents.

95. Denver Broncos - Bashaud Breeland CB, Clemson

Denver has CB issues and will be looking to copycat the Seahawks by adding physicality to their secondary.

96. Minnesota Vikings (via Seattle Seahawks) - Chris Smith DE, Arkansas

Jared Allen is an aging free agent and the Vikings interviewed Smith at the Senior Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers Compensatory pick for Mike Wallace - Brent Urban DE, Virginia

Brent Urban has prototypical size for a 3-4 DE at 6-foot-7, 295 lbs. An invitee to the Senior Bowl he was having a very solid week of practice before an ankle injury forced him to miss the game. It's that same ankle injury that kept him from working out at the combine as well. Virginia's pro day is March 15 and could have a big impact on Urban's draft stock.

Round 4:

97. Houston Texans - Jack Mewhort OT, Ohio State

Houston needs an upgrade at RT and they interviewed Mewhort at the Senior Bowl.

98. Washington Redskins - Jordan Zumwalt LB, UCLA

Both ILB's will need to be replaced.

99. Atlanta Falcons - Bishop Sankey RB, Washington

Steven Jackson isn't the player he used to be.

100. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kelcy Quarles DT, South Carolina

Akeem Spence had a disappointing rookie season further marred by a marijuana bust.

101. Jacksonville Jaguars - Telvin Smith S/LB, Florida State

Geno Hayes needs to be replaced. They could use Smith at safety to replace Josh Evans.

102. Cleveland Browns - Billy Turner OG/OT, North Dakota State

Shaun Lauvao is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway.

103. Oakland Raiders - Kenny Ladler S, Vanderbilt

Oakland needs another starter with Tyvon Branch.

104. Minnesota Vikings - Jared Abbrederis WR, Wisconsin

Jerome Simpson is a free agent.

105. Buffalo Bills - Yawin Smallwood ILB, Connecticut

Arthur Moats is a free agent.

106. St. Louis Rams - Jordan Tripp OLB, Montana

Jo-Lonn Dunbar needs to be replaced at SLB.

107. Detroit Lions - C.J. Fiedorowicz TE, Iowa

Joseph Fauria will replace Brandon Pettigrew but Detroit will need depth.

108. Tennessee Titans - Daniel McCullers NT, Tennessee

Tennessee will need depth for their new 3-4 defense and a possible starter at NT if Sammie Lee Hill isn't a fit.

109. New York Giants - Brandon Coleman WR, Rutgers

Hakeem Nicks is a free agent unlikely to be resigned.

110. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Baltimore Ravens) - Terrence Mitchell CB, Oregon

The Jags need upgrades everywhere especially at CB.

111. New York Jets - Cyrus Kouandjio OT/OG, Alabama

Willie Colon is a free agent. Cyrus didn't just have a poor combine because of medical issues, a lack of athleticism could prompt a move to OG.

112. Miami Dolphins - Xavier Grimble TE, USC

Dustin Keller suffered a very serious knee injury.

113. Chicago Bears - Demarcus Lawrence DE, Boise State

Shea McClellin is moving to SLB and they may cut Julius Peppers.

114. Pittsburgh Steelers - Pierre Desir CB, Lindenwood

Pierre played well enough at Shrine game to warrant an invitation to the Senior Bowl where he had a solid week, showing fluid hips and quick feet. He fits the profile of the type of player the Steelers look for in a CB. He's tall and lanky, he even comes from a no-name college, the only problem is the 4.59 40 time at the combine. However he had the best broad jump of any of the DB's and was one of the best in the three-cone drill. His pro day is March 19. Pierre is a native of Haiti who immigrated to the U.S. when he was 4 years old. He is already married with two children and is a devoted family man, transferring from Washburn college to Lindenwood so that he could be closer to them.

115. Dallas Cowboys - Devonta Freeman RB, Florida State

DeMarco Murray is injury-prone.

116. Arizona Cardinals - Robert Herron WR, Wyoming

Andre Roberts is a free agent and Bruce Arians gets his Mike Wallace.

117. Green Bay Packers - Christian Kirksey LB, Iowa

G.B. may cut A.J. Hawk at some point.

118. Philadelphia Eagles - Tajh Boyd QB, Clemson

Michael Vick is a free agent and Boyd is a good fit for Chip Kelly's offense.

119. Cincinnati Bengals - Ted Larsen OC, Utah State

Kyle Cook needs to be replaced.

120. Kansas City Chiefs - Will Clarke DE, West Virginia

Tyson Jackson is a free agent.

121. San Diego Chargers - Dontae Johnson S, North Carolina State

S.D. needs an upgrade next to Eric Weddle. They interviewed Johnson at the Senior Bowl.

122. New Orleans Saints - Lamin Barrow ILB, LSU

David Hawthorne has been a bust free agent signing.

123. Cleveland Browns (via Indianapolis Colts) - Jaylen Watkins CB, Florida

Chris Owens is a free agent and they could use some competition for Buster Skrine.

124. Carolina Panthers - Josh Huff WR, Oregon

The Panthers could use a couple of WR's for Cam Newton.

125. San Fransisco 49ers - Morgan Breslin DE/OLB, USC

Who knows what's going to happen with Aldon Smith.

126. New England Patriots - Mike Davis WR, Texas

Julian Edelman is a free agent and Danny Amendola may be cut at some point.

127. Denver Broncos - Chris Watt OG, Notre Dame

Zane Beadles is a free agent who needed to be replaced anyway.

128. Seattle Seahawks - Antonio Richardson OT, Tennessee

It came out at the combine that Antonio Richardson may not play in 2014 because of an undisclosed knee injury. If it's not a long-term issue he would be an absolute steal here, regardless he's worth the gamble here.

Round 5:

129. Houston Texans - Marcus Smith DE/OLB, Louisville

Houston need competition for Brooks Reid.

130. Washington Redskins - Crockett Gilmore TE, Colorado State

Fred Davis has been suspended indefinitely.

131. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jon Halapio OG, Florida

Carl Nicks may be released.

132. Jacksonville Jaguars - Aaron Lynch DE, South Florida

Jacksonville needs to upgrade their pass-rush.

133. Cleveland Browns - Khairi Fortt LB, California

The Browns need an upgrade over Craig Robertson.

134. Seattle Seahawks (via Oakland Raiders) - Ross Cockrell CB, Duke

Walter Thurmond is a FA and Brandon Browner is a RFA and both of them are close to being suspended indefinitely for marijuana.

135. Atlanta Falcons - Seantrel Henderson OT, Miami

The Falcons O-line coach Mike Tice has shown a lot of interest in Henderson due to their Minnesota roots.

136. Minnesota Vikings - Brock Vereen S, Minnesota

Minnesota finally gets someone to pair with Harrison Smith.

137. Buffalo Bills - Ty Zimmerman S, Kansas State

If they don't franchise tag Jairus Byrd he's as good as gone.

138. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Detroit Lions) - Anthony Steen OG, Alabama

The Jags have multiple issues along the offensive line.

139. Tennessee Titans - Charles Sims RB, West Virginia

They may cut Chris Johnson.

140. New York Giants - Brian Stork OC, Florida State

David Baas is injury-prone.

141. St. Louis Rams - George Uko DT, USC

Kendal Langford may be cut at some point.

142. New York Jets - Phillip Gaines CB, Rice

The Jets may cut Antonio Cromartie and they interviewed Gaines at the Shrine game.

143. Miami Dolphins - Caraun Reid DT, Princeton

Both of Miami's starting DT are free agents. They interviewed Reid at the Senior Bowl.

144. Chicago Bears - E.J. Gaines CB, Missouri

Charles Tillman and Zach Bowman are free agents.

145. Pittsburgh Steelers - Walt Aikens CB, Liberty

What's this, another small school CB prospect? Ike Taylor is almost assuredly gone either this offseason or next and the Steelers need to restock the cupboard. Much like with 2009 when they took Keenan Lewis and Joe Burnett and in 2011 with Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen the Steelers could find themselves drafting CB's with back-to-back picks because of their failure to either develop these prospects or retain them in free agency. Walt Aikens is a very muscularly built 6-feet-1, 205 lbs whose physical, aggressive style of play could be compared to Keenan Lewis.

146. Dallas Cowboys - Will Sutton DT, Arizona State

Dallas will spend multiple picks on the defensive line. They interviewed Sutton at the Senior Bowl.

147. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Baltimore Ravens) - Charles Leno OG/OT, Boise State

One of many issues for the Jags is the offensive line.

148. Arizona Cardinals - Arthur Lynch TE, Georgia

Starting TE Rob Housler has one career TD in three seasons. They interviewed Lynch at the Senior Bowl.

149. Green Bay Packers - A.J. McCarron QB, Alabama

Mike McCarthy said he wanted to drafted a QB so that they wouldn't have to struggle if Aaron Rodgers got hurt again.

150. Philadelphia Eagles - Wesley Johnson OG/OT, Vanderbilt

Philly needs O-line depth. They interviewed Johnson at the Senior Bowl.

151. Kansas City Chiefs - James Hurst OG/OT, North Carolina

K.C. has a lot of free agent offensive linemen.

152. Cincinnati Bengals - Logan Thomas QB, Virginia Tech

This season may be the last for Andy Dalton. Cincy needs a strong-armed QB that can get the ball down field.

153. San Diego Chargers - Michael Sam DE/OLB, Missouri

San Diego needs to improve their pass-rush. A small market team on the "left coast" is the perfect place for Michael Sam. He and Manti Te'o would make a great couple.

154. Indianapolis Colts - Jerick McKinnon RB, Georgia Southern

Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw are free agents. They interviewed McKinnon at the Senior Bowl.

155. New Orleans Saints - Chris Davis CB, Auburn

The Saints cut Jabari Greer and they interviewed Davis at the Senior Bowl.

156. Carolina Panthers - Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB, Boston College

The Panthers need an upgrade at WLB over Chase Blackburn.

157. Philadelphia Eagles (via New England Patriots) - Dri Archer RB/WR, Kent State

Even though he's available it's Dri Archer who can be Chip Kelly's version of De'Anthony Thomas.

158. San Fransisco 49ers - Deandre Coleman DE, California

Justin Smith will be 35 years old this coming season.

159. Denver Broncos - James White RB, Wisconsin

Knowshon Moreno is a free agent.

160. Seattle Seahawks - Taylor Hart DE, Oregon

Both of Seattle's DE's will be free agent's next offseason.