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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Different day, new cornerback for Steelers at 15

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There's no way around it, there's a logjam of the top four or maybe five cornerbacks in the draft. Rotoworld's Evan Silva may have sent the best one for the Steelers now and the future to them at No. 15.


Rotoworld's Evan Silva should be respected for going a different route. Not just with the Steelers at 15, but through the first round.

Uniting Geno Atkins clone Aaron Donald with Atkins creator Mike Zimmer in Minnesota with the eighth pick is a great call (although the Vikings gave a huge contract to Everson Griffin to fill that kind of role, Silva suggested perhaps Sharrif Floyd will be that kind of player). Cleveland selecting Jake Matthews at No. 4 is an interesting angle, especially after Greg Robinson was taken by St. Louis at No. 2.

The best pick, though, may be Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller going to Pittsburgh at No. 15.

Silva's reasoning:

A pro-ready, complete corner from a college program with a good success rate for producing NFL defensive backs, Fuller is a plus-sized, sure-tackling cover man with versatility. He can defend the slot and match up with bigger receivers outside, and projects best into a zone or off-coverage scheme. Steelers DC Dick LeBeau historically utilizes zone concepts in the defensive back end.

We liked Fuller a lot based on the film we reviewed of him. While there are parts of the game of all the top five corners we really like, Fuller just may be the best fit for the Steelers' defense, now and into the future.

Like every year, there will be some good players left on the board after the Steelers pick, and arguments can be made for all of them. Fuller very well could be the best combination of best player available and talent for the 15th pick.

And at 46, the Steelers grab boom-or-bust wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

The Steelers have reportedly promised Ben Roethlisberger a "big receiver" in this year's draft. Benjamin is a boom-or-bust prospect, but would give Pittsburgh a needed red-zone threat.

This mock passes, both in our estimation as well as most Steelers fans.