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Mel Kiper mock draft sends Odell Beckham Jr. to Pittsburgh at 15

The ESPN draft analyst makes his three-round picks based on him being a team's general manager, and sends a receiver to the Steelers, along with a nose tackle and a defensive back.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

It's a name that was bound to come up eventually. LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham is the latest player sent to Pittsburgh by Mel Kiper Jr., as he doled out three rounds of picks based on the premise he's the general manager of the team.

He makes a snarky comment that Darrius Heyward-Bey doesn't "fix the depth chart at wide receiver," as if anyone expected Heyward-Bey to come in and get 120 targets from the Steelers this season.

Still, Beckham is a solid player, even if this projection will likely be seen as many as a tad high.

Interestingly, Kiper sends Louis Nix III, one of his early projections to go to Pittsburgh in the first round, to them in the second. Virginia Tech defensive back Antone Exum is the team's third round pick.

It's something of a departure in style for Kiper, but it adds little in regards to new insight. A wide receiver is a common choice for many with the 15th overall choice, and it very well could be the direction the Steelers take. Some will scoff at the fact Beckham isn't considered a "tall" receiver, but he's a very good one with great athleticism and appears to be a good fit in Todd Haley's offense.

Nix is still the same player who's jumped throughout draft boards from hacks everywhere - a two-down player who may be solid in run support in a league that's running less and less each year. Exum is an intriguing player, versatile and rangy, as positions all over the field begin blending together, he's a look at what defensive backs may be in the near future.