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Mocking the Draft live seven-round mock draft starts at noon Saturday

SB Nation's Titans site, Music City Miracles, is hosting this year's Mocking the Draft seven-round live draft at noon Saturday.

Al Bello

This is one of my favorite events of the year...the live seven-round draft.

Since I am not calling the ball for the Steelers at 15, I like to put down the analysis and go into pure fandom during it. That means I'm usually eating a pizza and drinking beer, cracking jokes and making fun of the Raiders and Browns.

I suppose that really isn't a whole lot different than usual.

We'll have a separate thread up to participate in the draft, labeled "Steelers Mocking the Draft War Room," and in that, we'll all be here, talkin' smack and giving our advice on picks.

Make sure to stop by, we'll also have to discuss the last few years...I honestly don't remember last year's, but two years ago we managed to trade pretty much the next two years worth of picks and ended up with Dontari Poe and Dont'a Hightower. It was the "DO it" draft.

Let's try to wash the sour taste out of the McKiper dual draft we saw earlier. Join in the fun!