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Colts vs. Patriots final score: LeGarrette Blount stomps past Indianapolis, New England wins 43-22

Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount rushes for four touchdowns, Patriots walk all over Colts to advance to AFC Championship game.

Jim Rogash

There was some thought given to the Patriots keeping the ball on the ground against the Colts in their AFC Divisional round playoff game Saturday.

That thought was a good one.

Blount went off for a Patriots postseason record 166 yards and four touchdowns in New England's 43-22 thrashing of visiting Indianapolis to advance to yet another AFC Championship game.

They will play the winner of the San Diego at Denver game Sunday.

Blount's efforts overshadowed yet another poor postseason performance by quarterback Tom Brady, who's shaky statistics in the playoffs over the last seven seasons has to be somewhat disconcerting for the Patriots heading into the conference championship game.

Then again, it's an old school thought, but teams that can run the ball well can oftentimes find success, if they don't turn the ball over.

Passing and turning the ball over are what doomed Indianapolis. Colts QB Andrew Luck made a few other-world-level throws in this game but threw three horrible interceptions - four overall - and the Colts' offense simply looked overwhelmed by the rested Patriots.

Simply put, the Patriots leaned on Luck, who forced too many passes, and relied on the simplicity of a running game the Colts could not stop.

Maybe we shouldn't call out the end of running the ball in the NFL just yet.