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Chargers vs. Broncos AFC Divisional round open thread

Reasons why San Diego will score the upset today over the Broncos...just don't bet your house on it.

Justin Edmonds

It's been a while since the top seeds met in a Super Bowl.

Seattle did its part Saturday, dispatching New Orleans on the NFC side of the playoffs bracket. Denver looks to hold serve against division rival San Diego.

San Francisco will travel to Seattle for the conference championship game everyone expected. To cap off the media salivation fest this week, they only need Peyton Manning's Broncos vs. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The Chargers have something to say about that. Out of place, disrespected, clearly they are the only "Everyone's Against Us!" team in this year's playoffs.

And you want to know something crazy? They're going to win this game.

Chargers (+8) over BRONCOS

It would be yet another divisional round upset of Manning, and the second straight one-and-done for the Broncos. That makes it extremely difficult to think lightning will strike twice in Denver, but the Chargers showed against Cincinnati a variable enough defense and a creative enough pass rush inside that defense, they can catch the Broncos flat-footed and stall their offense enough to let Phillip Rivers on the field.

By the way, I'm now 3-4 against the spread, so let's not bet the mortgage based on what I said.

Either way, open thread, enjoy! Stick around for the gamer following the final tick off the clock.