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Safety Mike Mitchell starts camp on PUP list

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The newly acquired safety will have to wait at least a week before he is able to get to work with Pro Bowl veteran Troy Polamalu.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mitchell is in a new system, a new city and new teammates, and he will have to start training camp watching on the sidelines due to a groin injury that is putting him on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. Joining Mitchell on the list is running back Alvester Alexander.

Although the injury is not to be deemed severe, according to head coach Mike Tomlin both players are expected to miss about a week of work before given the green light to participate in team drills.

This injury really hurts Mitchell who is going to be asked to play off of the most unpredictable player possibly in Steelers' history in Troy Polamalu.

Ryan Clark didn't come to Pittsburgh and find it easy to just play alongside the former defensive player of the year. It took time, it took chemistry and ultimately it took experience. Since the new CBA signed a few years ago, training camps have become very light in terms of hitting and tackling, and they also aren't as long and strenuous. This week off will make the preseason very interesting as to how he and Polamalu will be able to read and react off of one another.

Other players that missed the first day were guard Ramon Foster who was excused as his mother suddenly passed away, and punter Adam Podlesh who's wife is pregnant and due any day now.

The next team practice will be Saturday and is the first open practice to the public.