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Martavis Bryant on sideline during Sunday practice

If it was due to injury, it would raise concerns, considering he missed time during rookie minicamp.

Joe Sargent

Perhaps the Steelers' fourth round pick is just getting some hands-on instruction.

Or, perhaps he was injured again at some point, like he was going for a high pass during rookie minicamp back in May. He tweaked an ankle on his landing, and remained out the rest of the session. Nothing appeared significant, according to reports, and if this is something new, it'll be met with some alarm by fans.

Expectations for Bryant are mixed, overall. On one hand, he's an incredibly gifted athlete with great big-play potential, particularly given his size. On the other, he's a raw route-runner, hence the reason he was available in the fourth round.

Mixing these things together, any time Bryant misses due to injury should be considered worrisome. He needs all the work he can get, because he's capable of contributing in a big way if he's able to learn enough to get on the field.

Hopefully he was paying attention to what Mann had to say during practice.