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Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert hasn't eliminated return of Keisel or Harrison

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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert went through the process of how they handle potential players and their potential return, and it left the door open for Brett Keisel and James Harrison to possibly come back to Pittsburgh.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When Kevin Colbert met with the media today, it was a foregone conclusion that the topic of Brett Keisel and James Harrison's possible return would be brought up, and it was.

Colbert spoke about the process the organization takes for players like Keisel and Harrison. Once the organization realizes that there is no chance a player is brought in, the player is notified and they are eliminated from consideration.

When asked, Colbert said that both Keisel and Harrison have not been eliminated from consideration.

Translation: Don't go putting those No. 99 and No. 92 jerseys in the closet just yet.

The Steelers would be foolish to even think about eliminating the veteran players that could potentially help the Steelers in some way so early in the process. The Steelers will give their current roster their due diligence, but if their best isn't cutting it, don't think they won't kick the tires of these two players.

If Stephon Tuitt proves in the preseason and in training camp that he is more than capable of locking down the left defensive tackle position, then there wouldn't be much need for Brett Keisel to return to the team.

Same can be said about Jarvis Jones. If Jones is able to show just a glimmer of the player he was in college and the ability to get to the quarterback with regularity, then the need for James Harrison wouldn't be as great as some might think.

Obviously, injury can change things in a heartbeat, but the Steelers are playing their cards wisely with these two veterans and their potential return to the Steel City.